Saturday, January 30, 2010

"Neoconned" By Ron Paul

The third way of the neocons is essentially all the worst ideas of human history compiled into a gigantic program of failure. Neocons don't know how to run civilizations. If they did, they'd do so in their own country. All they can do is seize the reins of other people's civilizations and promptly steer them to rapid destruction.

Anyone who listens to them or gives credence to their ideas deserves whatever happens to them. Ultimately, they are those annoying sorts of people that almost everybody has encountered at some point; who upon discovering they will never really be any good at anything, decide subconsciously that they will be destroyers of everything instead. At this they excel without peer. They are nation wreckers, not nation creators. In the same way a tree that has died becomes food for termites, a nation that has died becomes food for neocons.


Anonymous said...

You might find this interesting:

"Researchers now believe that being aggressive, intolerant and short-tempered could be a sign of a more advanced nature. "

Andrew said...

I don't know what to make of Ron Paul to be honest.

A physician by trade - his heart seems to be in the right place and he certainly makes sense - we're not in "professional politician" territory here.

As for his manner - he does remind me of the kind of chap that went out of date 60 years ago - rather quiet, timid even - at a time when the masses are seemingly wowed by style over substance.

His alleged ties to freemasonry bother me (father + masonic handshake) - as does anyone with connections to secret societies.

Surely a candidate should have to declare ALL ties/interests/incomes when running for public office to reduce the risk of corruption? Doesn't your constitution make such a statement?

Finally, even if he does get in how much (or how little!) influence will he really have?

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul is a libertarian and is not in favor of border protection. So while he is anti-establishment, I believe he is a false hope for the people who founded America.

The only party that interests me at this point time, is the American Third Position.

Their leaders are intelligent and don't try to hide behind a veil of political correctness. They boldly put forward the now controversial view that White people have a right to exist and have a right to the nations their ancestors created.