Thursday, January 14, 2010

NASA Now In It's Own ClimateGate

In it's way, much more serious than the fraud and embezzlement at the Hadley Center.

It's a clear case of criminally fraudulent behaviour to elicit public funding.

I worked for a while with a former NASA programmer who had immigrated to Australia. He told me once that the U.S. should be waterboarding NASA officials at Guantanamo Bay as foreign power enemy combatants, not muslim taxi drivers. He said that NASA had greater allegiance to the bums and drifters at the UN than they did the United States.

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Anonymous said...

NASA is a front for Kaballah Origin Theory, its fake Kabbalist Cosmolgy musings.

It's main propaganda funtion is the maintenance of the Heliocentricity deception. Does anybody really think that a Gov. institution funded by the theft of taxation exists for any other reason other than propaganda?

1. The universe is Geocentric.
2. Man did NOT land on the moon.
3. Stars are not thermonuclear suns like our own.
3. Earth is NOT billions of years old.
4. Evolution is false.
5. NASA is a bad Gov. sponsored theatrical performence, think of an end of year state high school play with expensive props but with poorer acting.

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