Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More About Adam

I've gotten at least 8 emails since I posted my little quip about the meaning of Adam in Hebrew, two of them asking me to elaborate further.

What I'm telling you now was common knowledge amongst all Christians from Europe a hundred years ago. Common knowledge. A schoolboy could have told you these things in 1890 like he could recite the multiplication tables. Just like Calvinism itself, it has been dropped down the memory hole in the past half century. It is an unfact forbidden to be spoken, written or mentioned. It is not enough you merely omit it. Even to know it makes you an offender in the modern world.

Adom means red soil in Hebrew, reddish, "tinged as if the color of blood."

Adam means "man from the soil who shows blood in the face" (blushes) in Hebrew. This reflects the fact that God created Adam from the earth.

Keep in mind that nobody, anywhere, receives salvation because of their race, blood, in-group, ethnic share or cultural ties. The question is, what sort of person receives grace when their repentance is not genuine? How can you repent at all if you have no conscience, no conviction of sin, no sense of right and wrong? How can you go to heaven if you hate God and act after the fashion of your real father, Satan? Would your repentance be real? I don't think so. Can righteousness be yoked with unrighteousness?

Just think on these things. Our Calvinist ancestors did and they seemed to thrive.

Nobody goes to heaven for good works nor who their parents were. Nor does anyone have grace because they cry out "Lord, lord" in a loud voice. These things are taught to be the path to salvation by pagans, liars and doctrines of devils. None of these things are scriptural.

Anybody who repents of their sin and calls on the name of Christ will be saved. God is not a slacker nor is he undependable as men often are. If he tells you that is how it is going to be, you can rest assured you are going to heaven when you die if you genuinely repent of your sin and proclaim Christ Lord, whether you feel "worthy" or not. God is not slack in his promises. It doesn't matter if everybody at church thinks you're an idiot, you never get invited to Baptist socials and you don't know anybody else who is a Christian. There are no group discounts, period.

An important thing to keep in mind when you discover that Adam is described as the man who blushes in Genesis. If you get to heaven and think they will let you in because you blush, too, you've got a big surprise coming.

Anyone who tells you anything different from what I just said is teaching you pagan rubbish.


andyboots37 said...

Makes you wonder how the first century church got along without John Calvin clarifying scripture for them.

I'll just trust the Holy Spirit Himself to teach me. I think He'll lead me into all truth.

Romans 8--not even Calvin can keep me from the love of God;)

Anonymous said...

good on ya Tex.Well said.It also pays to remember, there are 2 commandments, wich encompass all we need to remember.Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and soul, and, love one another as Jesus loves us.