Sunday, January 17, 2010

Modern Pharmaceuticals = Human Slaughterhouse

Faked research to support sales and market drug despite knowing it was lethal.

Nobody with a dead relative has received a refund as of this writing.


Anonymous said...

Have you seen Brian Deer’s website? I was particularly interested in an antibiotic called Septrim/ Bactrim. My beloved pet died after taking this antibiotic. Initially I never suspected this until googling it. Never imagined that an antibiotic could be so fatal. Was horrified by some of the comments from users of this drug & its still on the market after all this time! The story of Henry Wellcome”Hard Sell” was interesting too. Wellcome sounds like he was a psychopath. Big pharma are no different than the street drug pushers, BP just does it legally. It sucks.

Anonymous said...

Off-topic and a year old article but you'll get a kick out of this one :D