Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Misandry Meltdown

Linked by Solsys. Superb.


Anonymous said...

Just read the whole thing. You'll excuse me for needing a drink half way through. What's a young man in his early 20s just starting a career in IT to do? It would be a shame to go ahead and construct a vault without a family, I'd only be lengthening my own existence.

Think I'll sleep on it instead of drinking on it.

j said...

Incredible article. But incredibly sickening, too. At this point, I think ITZ is the best thing our society can hope for; the rot is too deep.

Do you think that, at a subconscious level, we know we're sick and want to commit societal suicide? Think of it; right around the time the cancer took root, what did we do but invent nuclear weapons. Then hydrogen bombs; Russia creates Tsar Bomba at the height of its malaise. We'll never need weapons like these; why do we make them? And now we're toying with strangelets and artificial black-holes and theoretical particles that could potentially annihilate our solar system. Where does this unhealthy, nihilistic cultural cancer come from?

Anonymous said...

I hope that this too shall pass.

I have just finished reading Strauss & Howe's "Generations" published 20 years ago and highly recommend its foresight and insight on generational cohorts and the cyclical nature of feminism.

Now to digest their next book from about 10 years ago - "The Fourth Turning".

Anonymous said...

That's only part of the story of the collapse of the West. The other half is the rapid transformation of their populations from first world nation builders, into third world morons. Ah well, at least "diversity" makes the liberals feel good. Bye, bye, Amerika.

Anonymous said...

How accurate can a single article get, this guy is a genius makes Bell and Einstein look like simpletons

Any man who reads this and is not fully scared deserves all he gets!

Been there done that now over it

I used to be handicapped but now
And loving it :):):):):)
My suggestion to a young man that needs to breed, do so and breed well but do not suffer a divorce, being a widower is not that bad!

Anonymous said...

Look for a Muslim wife. That's the conclusion I drew when I'll be picking my mate.