Friday, January 15, 2010

Lunatic Tyrants Go Completely Off Their Beam

Read this and tell me that if this collection of rabid, radical drooling Bolshevist nuts had the means they would not implement a nationwide psychiatric program that would put the Soviet system under Stalin to shame. You know they would.

The biggest difference between the two countries keeping this from happening is the sheer amount of guns in the hands of private citizens compared to Russia. The government can't do it yet. If they could they'd be lobotomizing every single man who dared to ask how a 600 foot tall 50 story steel frame building can collapse into it's own footprint in seven seconds at the speed of gravity without even spilling debris onto the adjacent sidewalk from a mild internal fire that only burned for a short while. You also might ask them how Rudolph Giuliani knew to avoid using the "special emergency headquarters" inside on this day that had cost 15 million dollars to build and was "intended" for this specific purpose. How amazingly far sighted of him. Unfortunately, similar to Soviet era psychiatry, the Obama government would find this was strong evidence of "mental illness" for you to even ruminate about the matter. Doubleplus ungood thoughts and whatnot.

I've personally read every scrap of information about it including the government's own web sites purporting to explain what we are looking at here. It's gibberish. Their explanations for everything that happened on that day would not satisfy a child. The whole point is that the government's explanations don't make any rational sense of any kind, similar to globowarming science. It sounds like Oprah Winfrey shot up with street grade crack cocaine. What can you possibly say to people who insist that ice occupies more volume than water when it melts? What can anybody say to such people?

Sunstein has been the target of numerous "conspiracy theories" himself, mostly from the right wing political echo chamber, with conservative talking heads claiming he favors enacting "a second Bill of Rights" that would do away with the Second Amendment. Sunstein's recent book, "On Rumors: How Falsehoods Spread, Why We Believe Them, What Can Be Done," was criticized by some on the right as "a blueprint for online censorship." Sunstein "wants to hold blogs and web hosting services accountable for the remarks of commenters on websites while altering libel laws to make it easier to sue for spreading 'rumors','" wrote Ed Lasky at American Thinker.

Sue for spreading rumors. This was common about a thousand years ago under medieval feudalism. They used to nail signs to trees warning "Any man found continuing to spread rumors about the king or queen will be drawn and quartered in public."

Another dual citizen. Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson or John Adams would have to think about it for ten seconds before they tried this asshole for treason and sent him straight to the gallows. Ten seconds.

Wish you'd voted for Ron Paul yet? I told you that when most people realized this, it would be too late even for regrets. I was right.

I always watch this when I need a good laugh. It never fails to bring tears to my eyes. Seriously, whoever vetted this guy for this role needs to be fired. I would have told him at his audition, "I'm sorry, but you are just not convincing. You sound like an infomercial." Incidentally, this video is censored at Google and several other video sites. You are not permitted to post it there.


Anonymous said...

Are you the same Vault-Co from the

Andre in L.A. said...

Texas, we apparently started the day off with the same treat. I said to myself, as the article loaded, "This has got to have an Ashkenazi name attached". Sunstein. Gee, how did I ever guess? I enjoy the term "crippled epistemology". It effectively describes the necessary belief system to accept anything emanating from mouthpieces for the Elders of Zion.

j said...

Ron Paul got on television and publicly denounced 9/11 truth. He would have been better than Obongo, sure, but not by enough. And if he had been elected (which was probably impossible, given that the voting machines have been proven to be rigged), they would have blown his head off like Kennedy, or perhaps something more subtle. But they wouldn't have let him institute any real change. There's evidence that these guys have been killing presidents back to and including Washington; Paul never stood a chance.

Building 7 is a smoking gun, but what really did it for me was the claim that one of the hijackers' passports was found on the street outside the WTC after his plane crashed into the North Tower. That's beyond stupid; that's flaunting it in our faces. They're not scared of us at all.

Anonymous said...

Jews must be getting desperate, they know that we are onto them.

Texas Arcane said...

Anon 1-15-10 12:53 PM

Are you the same Anonymous as the previous thousands of Anonymouses?

I don't think there are that many Vault-Cos on the net although there are quite a few imitators of my style.

Anonymous said...

The 2nd amendment, as imperfect as it's interpretation of it has been, has served as the ultimate check and balance. Very hard to control a population that is armed.

Clinton tried extremely hard in the 1990s to push for gun control. The Democrats have backed off a bit (though the occasional one will open his or her yap betraying their gun-grabbing tendencies), so that they can get elected in order to implement at least part of their socialist agenda.

Bush, as bad of a neocon that he was, allowed the assault weapons ban not to be renewed. But that's the political state of the kwa--you want a pro-gun President, you'll have to put up with his sucking up to the other aspects of the jewish agenda.

Cass Sunstein perfectly displays the jewish mindset -- destroy any small amount of opposition to their agenda. Even a "good" jew like Ben Stein resorted to calling Ron Paul an anti-semite on Larry King Live when Paul's reasoned opposition to the wars in the Middle East were articulated.

Jews hate freedom of speech, plain and simple.

I don't really blame Ron Paul for disassociating himself from the 911 truth movement. As good as he is, he has to pick and choose his battles.