Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Japan Still Has Functioning Government

The superiority of the Asian mind is readily apparent nowadays.

There is critical thinking in public routinely amongst politicians in Japan and China that simply isn't a feature of life in Amerikwa or Australia anymore. It was fifty years ago but nowadays you will never hear anything uttered in the mass media of the West that is not tailored for a mental age of nine years old.

The Japanese say in this article that with the recent revelations about the explosive residue of high grade military thermite in all dust samples recovered from ground zero of the World Trade Centers, the official story about 9-11 has unraveled and is no longer credible.

My respect for the Asian intellect has been growing for the past forty years and I am convinced that underestimating the East will be the last dumb mistake made by Western people before they get their asses kicked in World War III.


Andrew said...

I don't really see anything new or particularly unique here.

One man stands up and basically gets stonewalled - a scenario that's been repeated many times over many subjects in multiple countries.

Frankly at this point in time if any backlash against 9/11 was going to occur - wouldn't it already have happened?

Anonymous said...

Hardcore jewish zionists did 9/11.

Movies like Loose Change and the 'respectable' 9/11 truth movement fails to address this. Alex Jones (fake opposition) does not as well.

Any one who tries to explain 9/11 without the jews doesn't really get very far.

Hence, the 9/11 truth movement is dead.