Sunday, January 31, 2010

Iran Situation Escalating

The current elite of the West will not permit people in the Middle East to possess even the potential to make nuclear weapons. Okay for me but not for thee, you see.

U.S. military expecting big conflicts coming very soon and more fronts than they ever planned to fight in at the same time.

The "defense" of space is really the "weaponization" of space

The general population has no idea of the level of technology that is now orbital. Doomsday weapons and payloads that make the most fantastic dreadful scenarios of the 1950's look positively tame in comparison. Cobalt-jacketed hell bombs that will poison the planet for a decade or more dropped like confetti from space platforms.

When even the Swiss bankers are in trouble, you know war is slated for the near future

China has promised to annex Taiwan before 2012. Another bowling pin lined up to fall.


Anonymous said...

Read an interesting interview with a high up in the British foreign ministry who claimed that both the US and UK know that Iran is anything but a thread. The Iranian leaders are nationalistic but also not expansionist and are focused on keeping their own power and position intact. They may be working on a nuke, but this is done only to further their own security. Both the US and UK are fully aware of this. What's amazing is that Saudi Arabia is seen as much more of a threat. It funds and sends extremists all over the globe and has a population which actively encourages this. The internal situation is much more volatile with radicalists and extremists being seen as a genuine threat that are capable to take over with broad public backing. Then why is this not all over the papers? Strategic interests. Aka oil.

Tennessee Moon said...

Speaking of all things orbital, wasn't this a prediction of yours?

Texas Arcane said...

It was a prediction of mine about four months ago!

I just assumed this guy would do the opposite of anything that would be good for the United States. You'll never go wrong if you posit this is what drives Obama's decisions.

Anonymous said...

U.S. missile test mimicking Iran strike fails