Friday, January 22, 2010

INGSOC Public Information Dispersal

Check out this creepy Orwellian article published on the NineMsn newspage. Sounds like something that would come out of the Ministry of Information.

Methinks the lads involved in the NWO have lost their penchant for timing. Since Copenhagen collapsed they are kind of flailing around comically and actually becoming caricatures of themselves. Is this really going to fool many people at all or just come out sounding odd?

If you link through to the forum you'll see how completely oblivious most females are. Almost none of them were the least bit disturbed by the article. Women let others make the assumptions for them, then they discuss the implications. This is why women never present any real resistance to tyrants. The first thing they do is assume the tyrant must be a legitimate authority and then they work from that basic assumption.

Check out this last paragraph, it's a stomach curdler:

"Even in contexts where choice can foster freedom, empowerment, and independence, it is not an unalloyed good. Choice can also produce a numbing uncertainty, depression, and selfishness." Society has become more self-absorbed through having too much choice, professors Markus and Schwartz suggested, because individuals focus on their own preferences at the expense of what is good for greater society, the Daily Telegraph reported.


Anonymous said...

more insidious communism.

Alex Supertramp said...

I can't handle the stress of working out which of three candidates to vote for in my electorate. It would all be a lot less stressful if they just gave me one person to vote for on the ballot. That's what a caring government would do.

lysander said...

It is indeed double plus ungood to have choices. One should be double plus good with what one has. All discussion of choices is thought crime.

Anonymous said...