Monday, January 4, 2010

Ice Age II Arrives

What's really nauseating is you just know they are going to shift gears in coming months and start to claim that they thought pollution was going to cause rapid cooling all along and continue to blame man.

When this happens, I am going to walk around all day projectile vomiting uncontrollably for years to come and all I will be able to do is shrug after I drench co-workers and family members again and again, hundreds of times a day strictly as a limbic system reflex.

You can tell when I am posting late at night.


j said...

That's pretty gross, Tex. Get with the times, though; "global warming" is so 2006; it's "climate change," now. Ice age is a change, so shut up and pay Al Gore your carbon tax.

Anonymous said...

My database is short (only 50+ years of consciousness) but it indicates that in general CONUS is getting colder and dryer. Great Lakes watershed, as well as the Southwest. This seems to be confirmed by the move of Monsanto and other BigAg spinoffs into "water management" and out of Frankenfoods. Fuel wars ? try water wars amigos.

Excuse me if this is already common knowledge, but many of the seedcos that are splashed around the 'net are gov fronts, hoovering data on who might be a potential future "food-criminal"

My recommendation is based on 15+ years prep and research ... buy non-hybrid seeds only from Best Price Storeable Foods, the Ark Institute, Seed Kingdom, Sustainable Seed Co, or Baker Creek. These are all continental US companies; I apologize for having a limited list, but get them now. The FDA and DOA are poised to regulate small farms, and I suspect they'll go after anything larger than a backyard.

Si vis paretes, para nihilo


Doug said...

Tex, Dude, I know how it feels to be a pod person. I have been one for most of my 41 years.

Thank you for hard work, and time.