Thursday, January 14, 2010

Epistemological Exogenesis of Vault-Co Doctrine

Why do I have such unshakable confidence in the approach of a new Ice Age of unprecedented severity? Do I make it up? Is it clairvoyance? What are my reasons?

I'm in the mood to elaborate - just a little.

In early 2001 while I was reading papers from Woods Hole Oceanographic, I came across two little tidbits that I knew were extremely important. I didn't care if others concurred or the news was widespread. I knew it was important if I was the only person in the world who had noticed. I knew they were symptomatic of really important things happening in the cyclic history of the planet's climate. It was this year when I commenced work on the shelter system.

I knew we had been in the Holocene, the current interglacial which had already lasted over 12000 years. I knew that the largest and most meaningful shifts in interglacial climates occurred at roughly 12000 year intervals. I knew that these changes were a direct reflection of cycles in the Sun's output and variations in the Earth's orbit, mediated by changes in the oceans as heat stores. I knew these things because anybody who has ever had an hour of earth sciences anywhere knows these things. They are the foundation of climate science.

Here are the two things I learned:

1. Satellite readings showed that the outer atmosphere had been growing colder for fifty years continuously without an intermission. The outside of the atmosphere was getting so cold that our instruments were becoming less reliable at that altitude for measuring them.

2. The strength of magnetic fields from sunspots had been continuously declining for a hundred years. Nobody knew why or how this was happening. It was a fact that it was happening. This was long before 2006 when suddenly, we stopped even getting sunspots altogether. Remember 2001-2002 were record years for coronal eruptions on the Sun with new categories of flares unlike any previously seen before.

The outer atmosphere's temperature is intimately tied to cycles in the Sun according to about 80 years of reliable instrumentation data. These two facts together told me something unprecedented and shocking was happening inside our Sun.

How bad is this thing we are talking about? Remember, a year ago talking about a Dalton minimum was science fiction everywhere else except on Vault-Co and maybe Robert Felix's site. Now it is a credible hypothesis for many climatologists. I would suggest that by the time others realize the Vault-Co projections were more accurate, they will have already frozen solid. Real anarchy and chaos will arrive before mainstream science can give you the bad news. We warned you first here on Vault-Co.

I'll never forget a Christmas when I was six years old. I was helping screw lightbulbs into the tree light string with my father. He went to the kitchen to get a beer and I took the initiative to screw a pure white bulb into the colored strand, right near the beginning of the series. For a few seconds it was like the Sun itself was in the room. The light shone so brightly I think it may have left a flash imprint of my shadow on the wall beside the tree. Then it burned out forever.

This is why I am expecting one last hurrah for the Sun in 2012 that is going to rock your socks. It's not going to be like anything anyone has ever seen before. Then it will wink out and sleep for the next 12000 years.

Not all peoples fear Ice Ages. For some of them, it's like throwing Brer Rabbit into the briar patch. They actually thrive at these temperatures. It's in their nature to do so. On the other hand, a good Ice Age helps eliminate tropical pests and other critters who don't belong in these habitats. This is why you can't transplant these species into northern climes without severe repercussions for them and everyone else.

Lastly, ask yourself ... if some petty ranteur, a fringe eccentric like myself could figure these things out with the most minimal data, how likely is it there would have been people in government preparing for it for the last fifty years? Is this the real motivation for mysterious emergency architecture like the Norway Seed Vault? Is global warming, in fact, a flash-bang grenade to keep the suckers and peasants busy with straw men while government officials pack their rice? You decide for yourself on this subject.

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