Sunday, January 10, 2010

The End of Food As We Know It

I love to hear people explain how life will continue as usual without food. Their brains are not geared for survival. They do not realize when fundamental changes occur around them that these things are critical to understand the consequences of. This is what separates man from the lower animals - only in their case there doesn't appear to be any separation.

A man who can't foresee where things are going and prepare for it is not actually a human being. The beasts in the field and in the waters do more than most modern people to think ahead. Nature knows that it is time for the change. Humans have not figured it out yet. Note in the previous article that the manatees sought out the heated exhaust of a power plant to survive what was awesome cold in the water. This isn't a dry run or a peculiar phenomenon of 2010, it's the beginning of something that is going to get much, much worse in 2011, 2012 and many years beyond until the end of your days. You will never again live to see weather like you have previously taken for granted.

This should sort the men from the boys. Metrosexuals do not survive well in these climes, any more than do tropical fish.


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Another one


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i was just thinking of you recently tex, whilst having a conversation with a typical city based metrosexual. this fella was explaining the virtues of multiculturalism and freaking out because of man made global warming, even suggested there should be less people on the planet. i explained to him that his wish will be fulfilled, in spades.
it's not that the conversation scared me, in and of itself, but that possibly millions of metro types rationalise this way. the TPTB bug the phones and monitor communications, they know these folks are prevalent, they must be shitting themselves.

Anonymous said...

"People were accusing me of wanting to destroy the climate"

"destroy the cimate"