Thursday, January 7, 2010

Do you Hate Communists?

If you don't, how could you possibly be a decent or commendable human being of any value yourself? If you don't hate them instinctively, the only real explanation would have to be that you yourself are wicked, deceitful, treacherous and inherently vile. It doesn't matter if you plaster your sentiments with a bunch of new age hooey about how you don't hate anybody ... but "haters." That's just evidence of what a rotten egg you'd have to be.

The reason that men hate communists is the same reason they hate the devil. They are children of God. Men who don't hate the devil don't hate him because he is their father. You know people by their fruits and anyone who doesn't understand why people hate communists so much are invariably natural born bastards themselves.

Any Christian who does not hate communists at an organic, unconscious level is not a Christian. It's nothing to be ashamed of. They are the direct offspring of Satan himself. If the devil didn't exist it would be necessary to invent him to explain the parentage of these monsters on two legs.

Joe McCarthy was right. All communists should register as foreign agents and have curfews at 6:00 where they cannot be on street. All people registered as communists should be under court orders that they cannot approach any child under 12 years old within 100 meters and they cannot serve in any capacity as teachers or school administrators. The law should forbid them from free assembly and not permit them to have any social contact, however casual, with other communists. Communists should live under the exact same conditions we apply to convicted pedophiles.


Anonymous said...

Joe McCarthy was wrong. All Communists and leftist idiots should have a small country set aside for them and be deported there. Let them live the way they want and suffer the inevitable consequences of their foolishness.

j said...

Marx, as I'm sure you know, took a lot of inspiration from Hegel, who introduced the concept of truth being relative, "not as substance but as subject." It's impossible for a rational person not to find that idea repellent; if one doesn't, it's evidence that their thinking is diseased. And Marxism is based in large part around it. I suspect that's why people who understand communism instinctively recoil at it.

There may actually be an elemental evil force behind the whole thing, though; it wouldn't surprise me at this point. It's bizarre how communists ALWAYS slaughter millions as soon as they take control, how all their philosophies have such vile, destructive results; why would any human ideology pit itself directly against nature and truth? It makes no sense; it's psychopathy at a cultural level. And, if you look, there's a lot of evidence of occultism, ritualized child-abuse, and Luciferianism at the highest circles of power. Just incredibly bizarre.

Anonymous said...

lets call a spade a spade, Judaism spawns atheist communism..