Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Destruction of Societies Begins With Women

You get the women first en masse. Later you can pick off the men one by one, they will be atomized, isolated and powerless. You have to get the females first to destroy a civilization. It's the key to genocide.

This is part of what the story in Genesis is trying to tell us. The wisdom here is beyond comprehension in it's ability to preserve but only if you really listen to what you are told. It's useless once somebody has convinced you it is just another mythology.

There is a Vedantic inscription in a temple in India in Sanskrit at least 12,000 years old that says ... All corruption of society begins with the women. If you want to eradicate a race, you start with it's females. Everything else follows.


Solsys said...

Written language isn't 12000 years old, Tex, it's more like 6000 years old (at best). But this is very interesting to me, do you have any other information on that inscription/temple ?


PS check out this forum for a horrifying look inside the american family life :

Anonymous said...

Good article, and going to rent the movie on dvd. Also, another brilliant movie which is an allegory of how modern women go insane trying to fit the independent career woman role, is Sam Raimi's "Drag Me to Hell".

Solsys said...