Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Davos Security Chief Found Dead - "Suicide"

Apparently this guy had access to listening devices in many rooms that were bugged as part of his security detail. These meetings are where Rothschild's stooges and freemasons greet and recoup planning for each year. This was the inner sanctum and this guy was positioned to hear them talking, perhaps without their knowledge at the time. He might have been the only person on earth who was not perfectly vetted and yet would have access to the negotiations of the innermost circles.

What did this guy overhear being planned? Did he let slip to somebody he was going to the press? Perhaps he made an odd comment to the wrong individual?

Every once in a while a bunch of these Illuminati tools and adjutants commit mass suicide inside very short time periods. Are they being weeded out because they prove unable to stomach the next stage?

What is planned for us now that globowarmthinkery bubble popped?

I shudder to even think about it.

... by the way, I think "Zeitgeist" trades one delusion for a whole new host of others. The movie is very accurate at describing the realpolitik, however.

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