Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Coming Nuclear War Over Resources

These conditions historically lead to war. Man is a warlike animal and has not changed one iota in recent times. Men under stress who are forced to compete for resources turn to war because it is in their bloodstream. When the only biological weapon you have mentally is a hammer, every problem seems to you to be a nail. It is the genetic prison cell that lines our brains. If men reacted any other way they would no longer be human as we know it. They would be something else. Man by definition is a creature who solves his problems by killing others and the spoils go to the genetic lines that kill first, without mercy or qualms. They are the men who have borne the children who surround you right now. Our race is the lineage of Cain and scarcity makes us act according to our innermost nature. Do you want to pause to try to think about a more rational solution? Well, your head will be crushed by a rock thrown by another man who simply acts impulsively and it is that man who will write history and lie down with your wives and daughters. See why this is a rigged game designed in such a way that sane people cannot win at it? The crazy thing is, because of modern weapons, psychopaths and sociopaths can't win at it anymore either. They won't allow that notion to stay their hand, however.

Britain same.

No growing season means no food and no food means worldwide famine.

To produce more food with modern agricultural methods means you need more fuel

The U.S. Government isn't worried. How bad could it be? It's not like the end of the world or anything. What is important is that cappuccino service is not interrupted, especially not those little mints on the side.

Nobody is leaving Afghanistan until the question of who will control the Caspian pipeline is settled. That question will be solved by World War III.

Anyway, it's not like everybody and their brother are all going to jump into one massive battle with each other in a global free-for-all

Want to hear something really hilarious? It's like somebody up there has set all this up as one colossal extinction scheme. Right when we need Cold War infrastructure the most, it has been largely dismantled. In freezing winters or in the aftermath of a high altitude nuclear EMP burst, there is nothing more useless for communication than a cell phone or Skype. The elderly, frail or invalid trapped in their homes by a monster winter outside and in desperate need of rescue will find themselves with fewer options than in the days of carrier pigeons without a solid landline to an old fashioned phone in their home. Colonial era settlers would have had better lines of communication with their neighbors in the harsh winters than do modern people with their digital garbage, so fragile that even the least bit of disruption will cut them off from civilization as effectively as if they lived on the dark side of the moon.

Did you know as recently as 1990, the United States had continued to fund the maintenance and upkeep of the nationwide L-4 coaxial system, an underground network of lines that would have guaranteed reliable phone systems even in the wake of the worst nuclear war/EMP situation you could possibly imagine? Grounded every thirty meters and gauss shielded, it took fifty years to build at a cost today that would be in the trillions of dollars and was possibly the single best return on taxpayer revenues in the history of the United States. Imagine something like the infrastructure in FALLOUT 3 and you'll understand what the L-4 system was all about.

Today, it is rotting and abandoned, sold off as wine cellars and for rave party venues. You can pick up an L-4 coaxial site for the price of a song that was designed to survive the worst thermonuclear war ever envisioned and continue to route phone line signals efficiently without pause after the bombs finished falling.

People are going to get a real shock when ITZ hits and that cellphone isn't even useful as a $1.00 calculator from the discount store. Sorry, the lines are currently down for about the next 5000 years. Please try again later.

The reason I continue to play FALLOUT 3 long after I have completed it is that I never grow tired of exploring the ruins and seeing the sights aboveground and below of this alternate history America where they seemed to fork from our current reality back in 1955 and continued to develop the United States infrastructure until it was an inpregnable fortress. Seeing the cherry glow of the Nuka-Cola machines and thinking about a world so advanced that private corporations stocked their vending equipment with slow-decay atomic batteries that continue to serve up their products a hundred years later. FALLOUT 3 is the ruins of the place that America should have been but never made it. The power, strength and integrity of that alternative America is so vastly more reassuring than the foul-smelling, crotch grabbing third world nation of permanent fail that exists there now. When you play FALLOUT 3 it's like America got a reprieve of a hundred years and blossomed into a glorious superpowered utopia long after the real nation became a disgusting, filthy backwater you wouldn't kennel a dog in. Which nation would you be more proud of to serve as your epitaph, the gothic superstructures and glorious achievements of the America of FALLOUT 3? Or a 3000 mile wide ghetto train wreck that looks like Zimbabwe nailed together with sheet tin? Others would look over the former for a thousand years and marvel at it's beauty and be inspired by the people who built it but the real America today doesn't warrant anything but contempt and revulsion. That America doesn't even deserve a marker on it's grave.

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