Saturday, January 2, 2010

CO2 Never Went Up. Period.

Last nail in the coffin.

After ten years I am so bored by all this I can barely stand to even talk about it anymore. This has been common to me my entire life. Just as ordinary people are beginning to comprehend a subject correctly, I have already moved on to what they will be thinking about in twenty years.

This has been my experience during my entire life. I'm a madman in 1990, I will only be stating the obvious in 2010. Things are always like this for me. Always. You can imagine how old this gets after a while if you are living this way. You can also understand how it might be hard for me to muster the energy to say anything at all by the time I reach a certain age. I started this blog in 1998 because it represented the lowest investment of energy for me to validate my experience in this regard.

Globowarmthinkery says more about modern education than it does about anything in the real world. Western people are like Eloi (H.G. Wells) who watch porn. They are so vapid they cannot even be called morons, because "moron" implies infantile intellectual function and many clever infants could guess that global warming is bullsh*t.

Yawn. So now you're going to ask me, "If you're so smart, how come you ain't rich?" Well, it could be a hard argument to follow but here's a good introduction. Note in the article that the author points out that as intelligence increases, variation in conclusions decreases. The brighter you are the more likely you are to reach the right conclusion, since despite post-modernist theory the fact is there is generally only one right conclusion. It gets easier to see the brighter you are.

Here's my conclusion: ITZ COMING.

You know that faggot globowarmthinkery apocalypse that Gore and his minions have been screaming about for ten years? It can't possibly hold a candle to the reality of a new Ice Age. If you wait another ten years, people will tell you what I have been telling you the past ten years ... before you worry about freezing to death, worry about starving to death. People will be fighting in the streets over food long beforehand. If there is no harvest because of the cold then there is no food. That means about 4 billion people on Earth we won't be able to feed if this weather becomes the new normal.


The last cause said...

Well, I've enjoyed your blog for sometime now, and have found you strident indeed.

As for intellect leading to the same conclusion, the higher the intellect, the more likely a similar conclusion is to be drawn.

Aren't the Globalwarmingthinkery practitioners upper level IQ types who have drawn a dissimilar conclusion than the one you have drawn?

That theory is nonsensical mysticism at best, a criminal enterprise at worst, there are however a slew of PhD and Master degree types from Scientific Fields that buy into that nonsense, does that mean IQ itself does little good in perceiving the most likely outcome?

Anonymous said...

If there's another little ice age, watch the idiots advocate increasing CO2 emissions every way possible.

I knew that increased CO2 production would get absorbed by nature, somehow.

j said...

Haha, Tex, must be terrible being that smart. I feel for you. Really.

I don't think the success of the global warming scam has so much to do with people being stupid as it does with the nature of humans as essentially herd-animals. You're an aspie, so maybe this isn't something you've experienced, but for most people, being different from the herd is an extremely stressful feeling. Without the herd, you can't find a mate and the lions might eat you. The social controllers know this and capitalize on it; notice how they're always presenting AGW as a "consensus," saying that "no one disagrees." They try to equate it with holohoax denial, universally associated with social alienation and nonconformity. They keep all dissent out of the MSM, and mercilessly ridicule and ruin the careers of dissenters to shut them up. Like you say, it doesn't take a lot of smarts to figure out that AGW doesn't add up, but it does take a large degree of mental effort for neurotypicals to break out of the consensus conditioning.

(as a side not, I suspect this is why you find so many social rejects in the "conspiracy" movement, which of course only makes things worse.)

Anonymous said...

"They say that humans with big brains, and perhaps great intelligence, occupied a substantial piece of southern Africa in the not very distant past, and that they eventually gave way to smaller-brained, possibly less advanced Homo sapiens—that is, ourselves".................LOL, just replace "southern Africa" with "Detroit" or "America" and you have our present situation.

Anonymous said...

Very good info about Boskop. Never heard about it before and I can see why they would like to burry this information. The wiki page is about as brainwashed as these fool. No mention of the cranium sizes, or IQ. Just wishy washy disinformation.

But there is another warning: even the smart ones can be eliminated.

Anonymous said...

"being different from the herd is an extremely stressful feeling"

It's not just that though. Most people, even relatively high IQ ones, are genuinely stupid. Plus you can defuse the side-effects of being different by cultivating contempt toward the herd, as Nietzsche, who was neurotypical, did. And as I have done.

Anonymous said...

I predicted the coming ice age in 1993, I was 18, and all signs seem to point to colder temps, in fact things could get very cold indeed, and I wouldn't be suprised if there was a very large volcanic eruption sometime in the next few years that heralds the beginning of the new ice age.

One Angry Goat said...

Hey Tex...

check this out..

ITZ coming.. Planet going crazy?

Texas Arcane said...

Last Cause, the mediocre intellects that have clustered around global warming have just enough brains to cause more trouble than they are worth and are far too deficit to solve any of the problems they manufacture afterwards.