Thursday, January 14, 2010

Essential Chittum

I first read Chittum in 1998. It was like taking the red pill.

He's the first and the best. Every single thing he has predicted has come to pass, I would gauge him a 98% accuracy rate.

You can review some of his most recent missives by perusing the following links. As I understand it he is building a very big vault in upper New York and is busy prepping and getting ready to hunker down. He thinks this is absolutely the endgame approaching in the coming year.

Anybody who still doesn't get it when reading him never will.

Chittum's Holocaust - 50% of sheeple culled in next few years

Food riots will start in California and rapidly turn into military actions

The Mindbogglingly Epic Chittum Column, ranks up there with Voltaire and Schopenhauer

Mega-Depression, then Civil War

Chittum has seen this thing happen from the beginning. He's like Forest Gump's evil twin brother. He has popped up all over the hotspots of the construction of a New World Order and a global prison state. Turn over a historical stone, you'll find Thomas Chittum.


Anonymous said...

Chittum is a scumbag. He fought as a volunteer on the side of NWO-US-EU puppets, the Croats.

Andre in L.A. said...

Anonymous said ... yeah. Chittum himself expresses that he had no political education until 9/11.

Slightly off topic, but here's a link with some essential knowledge to survive Chittum's nightmare:
Cartridge Effectiveness Study

Anonymous said...

Chittum? Oh, that dog of war who apart from killing for money also wrote a few white supremacist books. The guy is a psychopath.

Texas Arcane said...

Except it has nothing to do with Thomas Chittum, by his own admission a murderer, drunkard and an atheist.

It isn't about who is saying this. It's about what they are saying. Attacking a person ad hominem doesn't mean you have invalidated what they are saying. Fifty years ago, any schoolboy could have explained these concepts to you when it comes to evaluating information. "Ad hominem" was not considered a valid form of argument until the average native IQ dropped from 104 to 96 in the United States.

Anonymous said...

How is the guy a white supremacist? I heard Chittum interviewed by Michael Collins Piper on RBN a few years back. A little unhinged? Maybe. But white supremacist?