Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Children's Story - James Clavell

Prescient short story published by James Clavell in the year I was born.

If you've never read it before, you've never lived until you do. Short and profound the way an awful lot of writing used to be back when people knew the difference.

I honestly believe something similar was happening at the "private Christian" school I had been sending my children to previously. I think the staff was telling the children things they were advising not to share with their parents. Identical to child molesters.


Anonymous said...

This was probably very chilling in America, 4 decades ago. In modern Britain, not so much.

Andrew said...

The large gap in between writing (1963) and publication (1981) is particularly interesting.

The earlier date ties in with JFK's efforts to undermine the Federal Reserve, his subsequent assassination and the leap in national debt that occurred with the Vietnam War and beyond.

I'd insinuate that by the time of publication the damage truly had been done.

j said...

Nowadays, instead of gentle reeducation from idealistic young commissars, kids get hardcore mind-control and forced drugging in schools built like prisons, with the CPS kidnapping them for use in pedophile sex-slave rings or Feds murdering them to brainwash the public into accepting stricter gun bans. The world today a lot darker than they guessed.