Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bolshevists Unhinged In The Face Of Opposition

As they get older they gradually lose the ability to conceal themselves or mask their real intentions. I'm not sure I can describe the underlying physiology but apparently after the age of 50 or thereabouts they invariably start to come apart mentally. The sociopath that was hiding in sheep's clothing for the prior five decades begins to emerge directly in conversation and they become quite horrible to see naked in this state. Their minds are never very stable at best and they seem to just self-destruct internally as they get older. Things they could have never imagined admitting to when they were younger just start to pop out of their mouths.

You can see that only a year in power left them so decadent, overconfident and estranged they can barely function in the face of a defeat. I reckon you're going to see quite a bit more of the naked bolshevist in the future and it is going to shock you. I have heard them blurt out sentiments in recent years that are just not compatible with life on U.S. soil. Anybody who thinks or advocates that the United Nations have as much legal power as the U.S. Constitution in internal matters needs to be deported, regardless if they were born there or not. The United Nations should not be given control of their own cafeteria, much less the affairs of countries. They can't even pay back rent and they are going to fix the world? I don't think so.

Arlen Specter is one of the major boosters for UN Treaty powers that completely cut the Amerikwan sheeple out of the loop altogether and he is often found supporting bills that will impose UN tyranny in matters that should belong to the people of a nation and their elected representatives. (Wasn't Spectre that villainous organization James Bond was fighting all the time?)

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Anonymous said...

The only villainous organization this guy belongs to is the Tribes of Zion.