Saturday, January 16, 2010

Just Say No - To Gibberish

Chief Executive Crackhead of the 'Kwa attempting to think. With mixed results.

Brothers think this guy is a genius. They think this guy would be my intellectual peer. I go on the record saying with confidence that this guy could not bust 92 on an IQ test with a strong tailwind, a whole kettle of black coffee and a pure oxygen feed.


Anonymous said...

Texas Arcane, give him some slack.

It's more bearable than trying to see Paul Krugman think.

And it's Krugman who has more influence on American policy than anyone.

Anonymous said...

fmd tex, nothing but net again. i watched this bufoon give a little haiti speech next to the imbecile dubya- DUBYA was able to speak without reading while obumbler had to look at his notes every few words. this tool appears to be thicker than geedub, how is that even possible?

Anonymous said...

The dude still hasn't released his school records and admits he has benefited from affirmative action.