Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Big Bang Bunged Itself Out Of Existence

"The Big Bang" that was once a religious tenet for me when I was a secular atheist, actually has less scientific evidence to it's credit than "global warming," which never had any evidence to support it.

The truth is that the universe just goes on and on and on and on, worlds within worlds within worlds beyond the ken of our comprehension. It is infinite in every direction and in every dimension. There is no end to it. There was never a beginning. Like God himself and as a reflection of his mind, it just is. We are a lot like bacteria in a petri dish trying to figure out what a guy across the street from the science lab is having for lunch. We just don't have the information to know. Even if we did, we may not have the minds to know.

Alan Guth of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, creator of the currently accepted model of the Big Bang, said recently "he felt a little like Rip Van Winkle -- picking up his head from a long sleep only to notice that the landscape of physics he thought he knew had suddenly, drastically, changed."


Anonymous said...

It is not even proven that the Universe is expanding. This is just another theory used as a cop-out by "scientists" due to their inability to explain moving matter in space. We don't know if other galaxies are moving away from ours, ours from them, or all from each other. Hence they tried a unifying theory like "expanding universe"

Anonymous said...

Very cool !

I've always thought that material and energy cycled "down" gradient into black holes is the source of emergent something-verses elsewhere

Ours emeerged from one of these recycling points.

Hindus are close to the Truth, and their notion of "maya" is what's going on down on the elemental / quark / Planck level.