Sunday, January 31, 2010

Best Resource Yet For Converting Thins

Best site on the internet. I am amazed I found it today when looking for more info on Wyse 1125 and 3125SE machines.

For those of you who don't know, any system you can get Linux running on you can get a vastly scaled down version of Linux running on (BusyBox, TinyCoreLinux, MuLinux, etc.), which means you can get a tiny kernel to run the excellent DOSEMU in Linux, essentially a DOS emulator that provides the basic interrupt list to run PowerBASIC for DOS!!! This means that anything you can run Linux on you can run the Sentry component of Vault-OS on. I've already tried the program without the voice synth for SB16 in DOSEMU and it ran superbly as long as I did not invoke the TSR! I got a version of Linux running inside of 3 megabytes to run DOSEMU on several of my Winterm machines.

For those of you wondering how in the heck that we got "DOS" running on all our thin client machines (still wrestling with the NCD Explora, cheapest platform of them all) when nobody else on the internet seems to have accomplished it - this is how we did it. We stood on the shoulders of giants and ran off basic Linux install.

Why should this matter to you?

Vault-Co has spent hundreds and hundreds of hours for the past ten years researching an ultimate low-power, low-cost vault operating system. Without one cent of remuneration. Here's the summary of what we have discovered after ten years of fiddling :
  1. How to run the basic Vault-OS terminal on a 99 cent/free computer
  2. How to run the basic Vault-OS terminal on 12v, 300ma-500ma of power 24/7 around the clock
  3. How to run an I2C plug-n-play sensor network through the serial port with a $1.75 peripheral
  4. How to run a parallel port controller from Vault-OS for up to 8+ devices off a $4.50 board
  5. How to run a streaming, R/W data logger off compact flash with up to 32 million records
  6. How to build a modern terminal GUI application with all these features in 640K in real mode
Most of these discoveries in the last year alone. Some of them in the last week.

I think Vault-OS will have a release candidate for the Sentry sometime early this year, first quarter of 2010. What you do with it is up to you.

If I can figure out how to make it work on the NCD Explora 451 (I have almost 17 of these stacked up in my study) I am seriously considering selling a complete solution in the box for Vault-OS, plug-n-play, for a hundred dollars or so. Shipped as a single unit, all you do is attach 12 volts. In order to do this I am going to need to figure out how to burn off cheaper copies of the PCMCIA firmware but once this hurdle is surmounted the rest is easy.


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