Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Best Fake Opposition Money Can Buy

O'Reilly trying to think. With mixed results. Politics aside, one of the dumbest thugs on the air. Not a conservative bone in his body. The prevailing maxim of conservatives for the past two hundred years has been to stay out of other nation's business and look after our own. Going abroad to fight ideological demons is the opposite of conservative philosophy in every way. So the neoconservatives labeled real conservatives "paleos" and then inserted their bizarro Trotskyist war state in it's place, claiming they are the "conservatives." Reminds me of that scene in Star Trek where Spock is trying to figure out which one is the real Kirk and which one is the alien mimic.

Whatever Murdoch doesn't capture, Soros does Between the two of them, almost none of the sheep ever escape their good cop/bad cop public performance theatre.

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