Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Avatar : Propaganda (not paranoia)

Told you. James Cameron made a few decent films. Terminator 2 has a Christian feel and theme which is what made it so successful. He's also made quite a few overrated dogs.

As an individual he is all about hate. Even a billion dollars can't soothe the venom in these kinds of people. Titanic has a half dozen scenes that never happened designed to make the boat look like a class war was raging on it. Nobody anywhere was locked onto their decks in the poorer sections. The sorts of contrived gibberish that would make Trotsky blush. I guarantee you the asshole flies first class on an airplane. I'll bet you he doesn't jump up, tear the curtain down to coach and scream at all the slob peasants to come and join him in front of the plane for a warm blanket and chocolate chip cookies. He probably sneers if he has to go back that way to use the toilet.

By the way, any time you see a collar grab in a film script for whatever reason, it's a sign the writer is struggling with repressed homosexuality. Some movies are so filled with collar grabs I can't watch them. Get a room already. The double collar grabs with lips so close they are on the verge of a kiss make me feel queasy. Hollyweird usually has a dozen of them in any given film.

You think you can pull this palace coup shit on me?! I can have your ass with one call!

See what I'm talking about? Psychologists who have studied sociopaths in the corporate, media and entertainment industries always find this homoerotic crap embedded into their words as a double entendre. It's hard to say (and politically incorrect to speak about) where one ends and the other begins. They seem to be one big part of the same thing.


Solsys said...

I have another theory : now that there are not al lot of movies to be made in near future (due to the crisis) directors take the genre and follow it to its silly extremes. I think this since "Gladiator" and its "Triumph of the Will" scene that could only be understood by the top 5% of viewers (at best). More interesting is the subtle "Triumph of the will" reference in "Air Force One" (the journey to the airport in Russia), the director essentially saying with this : "I'm making a nazi motion picture and am aware of it, so should you".

In "2012" the "hero" family was litterally freeloading while being of no use to anyone for anything. Someone had a plan, they hopped on it, and get some of the helpful samaritan kiiled in the process !

Of the few movies I saw, "The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3" has women demanding an hostage, communicating stealthily at the risk of his own life, to tell her he loves her. Etc Etc.

In Avatar, notice how the humans at first seek diplomacy, try to understand the natives (hence the Avatar program), build schools for them, have relocation programs etc. Notice how the colonel has utter loyalty to his men, and tries the best he can to have the hero's legs fixed (whereas the others betray their own race). Notice on the contrary the cruelty of the natives in the "death march" finale.

The overbearing matriarchal tones are almost comic. Males in the Na'vi society are basically adopting the "bad boy" fantasy. The crime of the humans (only the men attack) is to not have bowed down to that. Notice how Mother Nature lets the hero guy fail first, before finishing the job. Notice in the first love declaration how pathetic a man showing his feelings is presented - the man must be a hero, alpha male, or nothing, his feelings don't count.

I think that Avatar is the feelgood movie of the entitlement generation. Basically it's a skank/middle aged lesbians/minority thug fantasy. And I think it was made this way, with no subtelty whatsoever.

Made in the 70's (à la Little Big Man), this movie would have had half the Na'vis hooked to booze (District 9 does this), some Na'vis actually fighting alongside the humans or getting better through them (The Misson).

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised anyone here paid money to watch it. I heard Avatar was anti-white male, so I boycotted it. Why give the enemy your money?

Anonymous said...

I doubt that "The miners lock and load like the redblooded redneck NRA supporters they are." was meant as a term of endearment.

His faggy socialist leanings are there for all to see.

Derek said...

I was talking to my dad about Titanic once. He thought the reason it appealed to people was because of how it draws on the story of Jesus. Jack Dawson is a saviour character who awakens Rose to the decadence of her world(a vague feeling she had but could never express). In the end he sacrifices himself so that she can be saved. I looked up the meaning of Dawson, "son of David," and I understand Jesus was sometimes referred to as a descendant of King David.

These Christ like figures who sacrifice themselves are a very common occurrence in in James Cameron movies (Kyle Reese, T-800). My dad wondered if this was the result of Cameron's conscious efforts to shut out the real Christ from his life.