Monday, January 11, 2010


Was at the Brisbane Museum on the weekend.

A complete reprint of a letter from a soldier writing from the trenches in 1918 was on display.

"They have ceased to vaxinate because too many are getting sick and dying afterwards. Some say the influenza was not here to begin with but came in the vax. The old troops who have been here a while advise against it."


Anonymous said...

Hi Tex,Thanks for the update.Was this letter part of a special exhibition ? Where in the mueseum can the letter be viewed ? I believe the letter is real but when I forward this to my friends I want to be able to say"This letter can be seen at the Brisbane mueseum as part of the xxxxx display which is showing until mid Feb (etc) " otherwise it's too much like "a friend of a friend heard that....."

Funny how nothing changes.I literaly said a few months months ago "The vacine is the virus".There are no coincidents Tex,I think you were meant to see that letter.
Chris from Sydney

Texas Arcane said...

Second floor on the right side where the whole WW1 displays are. I believe it is a carousel display that sits out in front of the mini-theater. It's blown up to about 10x real size and has a silouhette of people in trenches behind it.