Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 : The Empire Strikes Back

The Nobel "Peace Prize" winner Barack Obama is shortly destined to become the President who will be universally recognized by historians as the primary catalyst for the Third World War. His policy initiatives at the end of 2009 virtually guarantee an escalation of pre-emptive unprovoked murderous attacks against unarmed civilians and children worldwide in the name of "freedom."

Barack's bombs of peace and freedom are falling on the heads of goatherders, children at play and women gathering water at wells as I write this on several nations at once, many of them by automated drones and unmanned vehicles which never get tired or ask for furlough. Obama will be personally responsible for the deaths of untold thousands and possibly millions of civilians during the next ten years, a man like Adolph Hitler who has never held a day job. Beware of men who have never had day jobs. They are men who have never been accountable for anything.

According to the Bible, the first builder of a city was Cain, a mason who murdered his own brother and perhaps the father of freemasonry itself. It's true when they say civilization is the creation of psychopaths. Except for one brief shining moment called the United States of America ... it blossomed for two hundred years and then it's light went out forever. People like Barack Obama are just rats in the ruins fighting over the entrails of a corpse. They are the parasitic destroyers who usually run the show for most of history and now they are back in power after a century of subversion in Amerikwa. Their lips drip honey and sweet gulling lies but their hands like those of Cain are always soaked in the blood of children. People like this can only visit death and sorrow on everything they touch and can never make anything better, only worse and worse until it gives way to anarchy ... and then people like Barack really run riot.

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KWJ said...

It's not just Obama: it's all those who accept the horrible orders, who carry out what they know is wrong, who revel in being able to kill without repercussion or conscience, who live and breathe nepotism & malignant narcissism as holy things, who put forward the policies, the gutless seat-holders who vote those policies into action and every armed goon who keeps it all going. United States in name only it is now the infant nation of Oceania.