Saturday, December 19, 2009

Why Robert Felix Should Get A Nobel Prize

If you postulate a fairly comprehensive theory that is a synthesis of several ideas from other thinkers and then publish it for anybody to read, you have submitted an idea to science. It doesn't matter where it is published or how. It could be a trade journal, a xeroxed tract or a self-published pulp book. About half of the greatest scientific ideas of all time were simply thrown out there by people for popular scrutiny.

If it is widely understood that this new theory turns out to be a kind of Ockham's Razor that can be used to answer a huge host of problems in paleoclimatology, geology and paleontology which formerly nobody had ever successfully provided cohesive solutions to, then it is a challenge to the orthodoxy. Each year, thousands upon thousands of such ideas are created by lone eccentrics and never receive much attention because frankly, they are crap. They don't stand up to even a cursory reading.

If we then see, quite mysteriously, an entire decade of new discoveries which validates only this theory and otherwise is unexplained satisfactorily by most existing science, discoveries of phenomenon which previously were not even known to science ... then you may have a paradigm shift in progress and a revolutionary new scientific idea which has advanced mankind's understanding of this planet.

My general impression is that the Nobel prize no longer goes to the deserving in any category. For this reason, if I were Robert Felix I wouldn't feel too bad about not being nominated for one yet. I do not think it has anything to do with merit or achievement any longer.

Nevertheless, Robert Felix is owed a Nobel Prize.

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Anonymous said...

Who is Robert Felix? Is there a web site that posts his theories?