Friday, December 4, 2009

What Obama Did to Charlie Brown Should Be Punishable By Hanging

Unconscionable bastard, Barack Obama. What a rotten egg.

There's some things you don't do in this town, boy. Bumping Charlie Brown for your dumb speech was the last straw. There are some things in America that are sacred that you wouldn't know about being born and raised in Kenya. No Christian would interrupt Linus explaining why we celebrate Christmas. Only a muslim foreigner from a dog's breakfast like Kenya would have the raw nerve to do that.

You're not just a rude and unwelcome guest in the house, you're lacking in the basic social graces needed to fit into America culture and society. Whoever let you and that tramp your mother into the country should be fired and then you and she should be deported, even if we have to dig her up.

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