Saturday, December 12, 2009

Vault-Co Says : Itz Coming Soon

2010 it is going to blow to smithereens in the 'Kwa. The Russian analyst was right. Gerald Celente was right. Thomas Chittum was right.



Anonymous said...

Sorcha Faal was the original "source" for this.

Anonymous said...

Some of us are looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...

2006: Itz coming.
2007: Itz coming.
2008: Itz coming.
2009: Itz coming.
2010: Itz coming.

Either itz taking itz damn time or you, like everybody else, dont know what the future holds.

Never posts dates Tex.


Anonymous said...

Tex,it looks like ZOG wants to get Aussies used to having nukes

I bet you this really dooms the Kwa,the ZOG doesn't need Kwa at all if someone else has nukes for them,and I bet you that "20years"timeframe gets cut back really soon

Chris from Sydney

Texas Arcane said...

I was right. Itz here.

Anonymous said...


People like you laughed at the doomsayers before the Soviet Union collapsed. They didn't laugh so much afterwards.

Anonymous said...

Tex got the memes right as far as I am concerned. Didnt get the dates right because hes not psychic but Tex was correct about the direction it was going in. People suggesting a mild correction were wrong and VC was far closer. Thats why I read this blog.

Anonymous said...

naw, here in the real world, being too early is exactly the same as being wrong. if you want to be taken seriously, and respected as a prognosticating pundit, you have to be right on both your prediction *and* the time frame.

pessimistic romans could have started chanting 'itz coming' in 200 BC, and 650 years later, they'd have been (finally) proven right. but it'd be meaningless: eventually, all empires fall. so eventually, they were right. BFD. you've got to be right on the time frame as well, or at least close. just like we could all start worrying about the yellowstone caldera popping off and killing us all, or a giant asteroid smacking into us and no bruce willis to save the day. eventually, it WILL happen. eventually. maybe next year. more to the point, maybe not for another 65,000 years. which would mean that digging a hole in the ground to hide in *now* is sort of.....silly.

if an influential american (president?) had started a 'russia will fall, itz coming' chant in 1975, and it had taken hold, then reagan might not have been elected; never challenged sov hegemony; never bankrupted the sons of bitches; and they'd still be with us. the wall would still stand. eastern europe - rather than becoming the hotspot for continental porn babes and inexpensive dentistry - would still be known as 'the satellite states.' it wasn't a "doomsayer" that brought about the end of the USSR - it was an optimistic guy with a plan for smart, well-managed, considered *confrontation* that did it. aside from him, there WERE no 'doomsayers' predicting the fall of the USSR. the guy who took action made it happen - all the prognosticators did was A) be wrong and B) waste paper.

there's a line from 'the 13th warrior', in which the viking laddie tries to educate the arab traveling with them as to nordic fatalism. goes something like, "the old ones wrote the skein of your life long before you were born. hide in a hole if you like, but you won't live one second longer." ring any bells?

as the other chap pointed out, you're 0-for-about 12 years now on the 'itz coming' doom mongering. yes, things are getting worse. what else is new? times change, markets fluctuate, and men deteriorate. but no plagues/epidemics yet; nor glaciers marching across europe and canada; nor massive crop failures; nor magnetic reversals; nor any sinister zionist military takeover of the US government. hell, chances are even getting better every day that obama will find himself neutered by a republican congress come 2011, so even THAT'S looking up.

history is filled with tales of those who spent/wasted their lives preparing for the apocalypse that never came. they, too, KNEW the truth: the things the 'sheeple' from the 'kwa' who're manipulated by the ZOGgies didn't know.

then they died: forgotten loon hermits holed up in caves or tunnels. unknown, unnoticed, unlamented. i don't pretend to know the meaning of life, but i'm at least pretty sure it's not "he who stays hidden longest wins."

Anonymous said...

People like me?

I'm sheeple now? :D


Texas Arcane said...


You still don't understand what is happening. You're one of those people always so busy congratulating himself on his own cleverness you have no energy left over for thinking.

This isn't a cyclic recession. The U.S. is finished.

Anonymous said...

"the US is finished".

funny - i distinctly remember hearing that a lot in the late '70's and very early '80's. the bumbling grinning leftist fool in the white house was earnestly spreading his butt cheeks for the USSR. unemployment was rampant, wouldn't be getting better. stagflation. gold going through the roof. arabs wanting $1000 for a barrel of oil. survivalists stocking up on gold guns & ammo. ice age due any second now. all that.

and then...somehow...the world kept on turning. and the US came roaring back, just like it did through all the other crises. history teaches us that some of the most dangerous words ever uttered are "this time it's different!" problem is, A) usually itz not and B) how do you know? what gives you and you alone this special advance knowledge?

you wanna rag on america, and the collapse of its exceptionalism and empire, fine. eventually you're bound to be right: empires rise and fall all the time. once upon a time, holland and portugal were the mightiest powers in the world.

but the world keeps turning, and the sun keeps coming up.

as far as "congratulating myself on my own cleverness", i'm not the guy who's been 0-for-12 years in hysterical sky-is-falling screeds and digging a hole in the ground in which to bury myself alive. all the while telling himself that itz the *other* fools not doing this who aren't clever like you.

Texas Arcane said...

A close reading of the above reveals it is rambling gibberish without a conclusion. Must be a product of the 'Kwan educational system. Semantic content = zero.

Anonymous said...

@naw, here in the real world...

As for your comment on America in the 1970s: America is a very different place to what it was in the 1970s (thanks to the liberals and their foolish meddling).

Now it is down to ~60% white from 90% in 1965. Look around at *any* non white country. The darker skinned they are, the bigger the mess they are always in, despite the endless handouts. It can't all be "evil white devils" holding them down. So perhaps racial genetics really does play a role?

As for America, it is starting to resemble those countries and when they have run out of fake money, and people start to go hungry like they did in the Depression, that it is when you will see the guns come out (nearly one gun per person in the USA) for Revolution II.

The world will change when America crashes and burns and the liberal multicult will be seen for what it is - an emperor with no clothes.

Anonymous said...

I think the rambling anon is worried that vault building contributes unnecessarily to global warming (the sun keeps coming up, too).

Maybe he doesn't have the money and/or ability required to build a vault, so has to make sure you understand he isn't going to build a vault. He doesn't like doing things unnessarily just to be prepared, you see. Time is much better spent composing lengthy faux casual posts about how time is precious etc etc.

Anonymous said...

All Australia needs to do in order to become a nuclear power is to put our Nuke warheads onto a delivery system (Tomahawks).

Should take about half an hour.

Anonymous said...

Tex, you won't find any better movie describing what is happening to the world today and America in particular than the "City of Ember" with Bill Murray. If you haven't watch it please do so. It's worth it. There are these mysterious people called the "Builders" who I see as the equivalent of the Founding Fathers who leave a book to be opened when the final apocalypse approaches in 200 years (notice the timing, 200 years again). From the leaders who feed lies to the sheeple telling them all is well before their doom approaches, to the religious fundamentalists (Chrissans) who trapped in a trance, fail to see reality and can't accept what is happening. It's all there. There are also many Biblical undertones throughout the film. Given that this is a relatively family-friendly post-apocalyptic/fantasy movie I didn't expect it to go to such depth and be spot on on so many things.

Texas Arcane said...

Loved that movie. Very rare to see a family film nowadays. It was so good I am planning to buy a copy on DVD.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you liked it Tex. No wonder the movie flopped and there is no sequel planned for the future. People were just too dumb to get what this film was about.