Monday, December 21, 2009

Controlled Media

If this is true, it is absolute corruption of the American nation. It represents a final stage of degeneracy and decadence like that of Imperial Rome or Stalinist Russia. The Founding Fathers would have advocated hanging everybody involved and possibly anybody they had colluded with. All of this is so unconstitutional it represents an end to the rule of law and freedom of speech.

Who controls the media and why?

Who would lose the most from an honest, unfettered, uncontrolled media? Why?

See why itz is inevitable? Trust me on this. Itz will happen and is happening right now. When corruption and treason approach this magnitude there is only one way for it to end. The 'Kwans can't do anything now but die.

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Anonymous said...

Something I do now, when I see a white person pushing for massive immigration/multiculturalism, war in the middle east, or other anti-white policies, is look them up on the internet.

A surprising number of times these people turn out to be Jewish. The funny thing about Jews is they lecture whites so much, yet do not allow non-Jewish immigration to Israel and make war on peasants with American made super weapons.

Its almost like they hate us and have been working against us for the last 50 years. Perhaps its their way of getting even after what happened in Europe?

Take "an eye for an eye"