Friday, December 4, 2009

Pandemic Strategy 2010

My thoughts exactly.

If the mainstream media is trying to gain people's trust by feeding them a little truth, be afraid. The worst part of the pandemic has not begun. All of this stuff is probably prologue to phase III where it gets serious.

It is odd they made such a big deal about it and now it is odd that they are pretending to admit they made a big deal about nothing. There must be something very bad in the works that is part of this plan.

If globalwarmthinkery collapses, watch for these sodomites to escalate their backup plan with this pandemic very rapidly.


Anonymous said...

Mt T

Agreed. It gives PTB the best opportunity to tighten down on the Human Resources.

Looking down from altitude, it would seem that longterm Poli Strat was to see if AGW could gain traction. Now that heroic hackers have illuminated that scam, I'd anticipate a shift to blunter and more easily actuated steps.

Econ triggers seem most likely, and some bioterror or terror event seems likely as cover/false flag.

Prepare accordingly


Anonymous said...


Check this out ... confirmation yet again of the Intent and Plan

Corrections are gonna be extremely violent and messy when these asshats are broomed.