Tuesday, December 1, 2009

One Week Later : Where Is The Press On The Biggest Scientific Scandal Of The 21st Century?

Without the fake conservatives on Fox, we'd have no news at all, even if it is the original spin zone.

Still think the world is the way you thought it was? Or is it in fact the way Vault-Co said it was?

You have to understand how stupid the average human being is to appreciate it is not so much a "conspiracy," as it is just humans acting natural. They tend to cluster mindlessly under various ideologies and then defend them vigorously like herding animals stomping on their perceived territory. No thinking really involved in any of this anywhere.

Someone else thinks this stuff up for them, since they are incapable of reasoning. They simply inherit these ideas and adopt them as their own. Like animals. Beasts of burden.

Phil Jones and Malcolm Turnbull escape with their lives - so far

People have been hung for treason for doing far less.


j said...

Call me paranoid, but I think Fox is a deliberately self-discrediting news outlet which is tasked with championing the causes the social controllers want to make ridiculous: Ron Paul, the "tea parties," and now Climategate, among others. They hijack issues that could hurt the agenda and drive them into the ground by making them appear farcical, and because Fox makes no bones about being highly partisan, their support makes the issues divisive as well. I think there is a very good reason why only Fox is covering these emails.

Anonymous said...

Nice said, Tex. You have no idea how well this resonates with me... I'm also affected with Asperger syndrome and I know all this very well. But it's great fun to see someone actually willing to keep saying it.


Anonymous said...

Of course the Marxist press wouldn't report on something that makes their side look bad.

Global tax on farting cow emissions here we come.

Bernard Schneider said...

Pawns of Satan whose sodomite tendencies should be plastered all over the frontpages. A big cleansing is in order of these child rapists. God hates fags.

Texas Arcane said...

j - That's exactly what I think. Fox News is the best fake opposition that money can buy.

I do believe that sometimes Glenn Beck oversteps his bounds on that show. I have heard that he has had a caution from the top more than once. I really think Glenn is sincere in his way but look at who signs his paycheck.