Sunday, December 27, 2009

Magnetic Reversal In Our Lifetime? That's just plain crazy talk.

The real telling point is the increasingly erratic behaviour. Nowadays magnetic north has seesawed and jerked around more than fifty miles all over the map in less than 3 days. Not 3000 years, mind you. Three days. That indicates severe stress in geological time. The Earth is pursuant to a magnetic reversal and the only way you survive magnetic reversals is deep underground.

It is only very recently that mankind has begun to understand that the "mysterious" northern lights are in fact fracture lines in the magnetic shield that is releasing energy the equivalent of high altitude thermonuclear explosions above their heads. What would happen if these things occurred at lower altitudes ... like for example, during a magnetic reversal when the Earth's magnetic shield wasn't protecting our outer atmosphere?

Magnetic ropes connect our electromagnetic shield to the Sun. What happens there isn't "important." It's critical. Our system only responds to the naked power of our solar cycles over the millennium. We don't initiate anything - where would Earth get the power from to do anything but react? More importantly, what happens if the Sun "cuts us loose" for 12,000 years at a time? Where does our current magnetic bottle get the energy needed to maintain it's former configuration? It will inevitably flip to another state. I think it's the flipping interval that is the worst part ... even worse than the coming of the new Ice Age.

What is really going to happen in 2012? What were the Mayans really echoing in that calendar? I think it was magnetic reversal and somehow the Mayans got that date along with every other thing (by their own admission) from their red haired, blue eyed white "god" who came across the sea in a reed boat. According to the Mayans, "something terrible" happened back at home and Quetzocoatl the feathered serpent "god" had to return.

What I have always wanted to know is ... where was "home" for Quetzocoatl?

The purpose of Thor Heyderdahl's mission on the Kon-Tiki was to demonstrate that this "myth" was in fact no myth at all. With the coming of political correctness, Heyderdahl's message and experiment increasingly became taboo to speak of in the public sphere, with it's emphasis on ancient Indo-Aryan civilization and the suggestion that the cradles of mankind lay much farther in the past than the unsuitable plains of Africa. It fascinated a population in the 1960's when the average IQ was 104 but eventually found no fertile ground for contemplation in the psyches of the crotch-grabbing Big Gulp drinkers who followed in succeeding generations.


Anonymous said...

more than fifty miles all over the map in less than 3 days.

Do you have a reference for that movement? I'd appreciate it. Thank you in advance.

Anonymous said...

More interesting magnetic phenomenon occurring in space. V-ger must be one of the most cost effective space missions ever developed.

j said...

I wonder if this is what the governments of the world are preparing for with the gear-up toward a global police state. Alex Jones and others say that the oligarchs intend to seize control of the levers of power and initiate a mass culling of the population through bio-weapon releases or whatever, but maybe they're counting on a magnetic reversal to do the job for them, and all the totalitarian measures are only to ensure that they don't lose power in the chaos that may follow. This would explain the massive underground complexes that they're allegedly building beneath the US and elsewhere.

That's a scary thought, because even if you survive in a bunker or something, when you emerge, these psychos will still be around.

Monstertruck Mayhem said...

Yo, Tex. Just in case you aren't aware, I tried to access your site via and a page came up saying "Account suspended".

This is phase one.
Phase two, you get hurt.

Anonymous said...

A civilization in decline.

andyboots37 said...

Where's John Cusack when you need him?

Texas Arcane said...

Note that fifty miles a day is the new "normal." Fifty years ago, no movement was detectable in magnetic north. This is one of the reasons that nuclear powered subs had to abandon magnetic north for pinpoint navigation. It became unreliable between the 1960's and 2009.