Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Look At The Little Pigs Run

It's falling apart, hour by hour.

Aussies smash the lie in front of the whole world.

Sometimes, the good guys have to get a small win. This is it, so enjoy it while it lasts. They're definitely scrambling like roaches. Soon it will get really vicious and these rats will begin to offer to testify against one another in order to escape justice.

You gotta love it. They are flying into a mad rage at having a strong light shown on this ugly scam called "Global Warming." No scientist is afraid of this kind of transparency, but the people involved in globowarmthinkery were never scientists. They were professional actors.


Anonymous said...

I like how the Australian climate change minister falls to his last available resort by saying, "This is a part of a global agreement. This is part of fighting a global challenge."

Protecting the mantle of global governance is the only excuse he has left, and I am sure that honest Australian referendum will show that global solidarity can go to hell.

Anonymous said...

Mr T

I hate to say it, but this won't matter. The PTB have plans within plans within plans. Matruschka Dolls. If this fails, they've got InfoControl. They've already established MoneyControl. They're finalizing encirclement of FoodControl.

The Booboisie are alseep. Why worry when there's bigscreens, free food, cars, and nepenthe.

Goron and his crew liars ?! BFS. Only fookin' eejots would have bought this scam. It WAS bought, which is a dire prognostic indicator. Pathognomonic of a terminal case.

To parapharse your bedrock ....

Prepare accordingly.

Ohio Dude

Anonymous said...

Global Norming Concensus Proves Climate Strange Is Real

Using a highly reliable measuring system known as the five senses, human beings in their billions have come to the conclusion, that the only certainty about the weather on planet earth, is that it keeps on changing in very strange ways. Some times hot, sometimes cold, sometimes wet, sometimes dry. This mind blowing discovery that affects all our lives has been dubbed Global Norming. Otherwise know as Climate Strange. What effects this will have on future generations nobody knows, but one thing everyone agrees on is that the effects of Global Norming will be devastating.

To help alleviate the terrifying effects of Climate Strange a panel of experts has been formed to collate scientific research from around the world into a series of reports to the United Nations, detailing exactly how strange Global Norming might be. As a result it has been found without doubt, through a data modelling process called normalisation, that the normality of strange climatic behaviour will continue for ever.

Everyone with a brain and even those without, now agree that this will result in the complete annihilation of mankind at an unknown point in the future. To ensure that this does not occur a system of global governance or Globatorship has been formed to organise the pre-annihilation of all peoples likely to be affected by the devastating effects of Climate Strange...

Anonymous said...

Hi Tex
any chance of a Vault OS update?

Anonymous said...

AH the snowball is finally rolling,
May it roll swift and far crushing all opposition.

Anonymous said...

Follow the money:

Al Gore's home uses multiple times more electricity than the average one. He justifies his consumption in buying carbon offsets -- and where does he buy them? Through his own company.

It's a money grabbing scam to distort the market so that George Soros, Maurice Strong and all sorts of internationalists stand to receive huge dividends.

If the global warming theory were true, then I would be 100% in favor of reducing CO2 production. Looking at the hacked emails AND the Fortran source code used for the CRU's statistical models, this is the smoking gun that it's a scam based on careerism and making the results fit the hypothesis.