Thursday, December 3, 2009

Just Another Thievin' Communist

People with IQs below 90-95, as a rule, do not really comprehend the notion of private property. It doesn't matter what color they are. Somebody with no more brains than that will never understand the foundations of a civilization and how peace, prosperity and order is maintained. You can train them to nod their heads but that doesn't mean that they will ever really "get it."

There are some critical ideas that these kinds of human beings will never fully grasp. It doesn't matter what school you send them to or what you teach them. They don't really ever learn anything.

The true acid test would be to take people like this, give them their own country and see if they can run it. Incidentally, all of the people from the countries where this experiment has been conducted desperately want to get out of their own nations and into a country worth a damn. The world is a museum of socialist failures.

So what to do with them? They won't leave you alone, don't respect what you own and are always clamoring to steal everything you have, anything you have. You don't care about them but they cannot forget about you. They will always be trying to impose something on others, rob others, dominate others. Always with a longwinded explanation of why this is necessary. They're all Robin Hoods, you see. Which makes them the good guys, in their own diseased minds. You can see why some people in history solve this dilemma by teleporting a bullet from inside a barrel of a gun into the middle of their heads. Maybe that's the only solution they could think of. These kinds of guys never go away. They're like sticky taffy on the bottom of your shoe you cannot shake off. You don't get peace until they are room temperature. It's terrible but true.


Bernard Schneider said...

Anyone who has read scripture should by now know that the end is nigh. The antichrist walks this earth, false prophets abound and Sodom and Gomerra have nothing on the decadence, sodomy and idiolatry that permeates this mockery of civilisation. God hates sin and God hates mankind. Soon the rapture will begin and it won't be pretty. Repent!!!

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter at this point, the 'kwa voted 52% in favor of Obama. The hand that votes is brown now, you'll never see another conservative Republican President ever again.

Dubya had to prostrate himself to the Latinos for the '04 election (by being pro-open borders), and even with the peak of the housing bubble providing massive employment to that constituency, he barely carried 40% of their votes.

"We Want Our Country Back!" is what these tea party protesters were shouting at the top of their lungs. They lost it a long time ago. These are the same useful idiots who booed Ron Paul at a Republican party debate.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tex,

Just wondering if you've ever read "The revolt against civilization" by Lothrop Stoddard?

Although it was published in 1922 it gives an uncannily accurate explanation of leftwing psychology and the present state of western society

Anonymous said...

Americans haven't lost anything, if they are prepared to turn off their TVs and go out and fight for it.