Sunday, December 20, 2009

ITZ Here

2010 is the year that TSHTF.

Vault-Co was right, ten years ago. The end of the interglacial is going to have people fighting in the streets over food as the first stage of the collapse.

Read the article above and see what the farmers themselves are saying.

There can be no harvest if there is no growing cycle. Changes in the weather are ruining crop yields that used to be taken for granted, like sunlight and taxes.

Gerald Celente on the coming year

Las Vegas may actually look like the upcoming "Fallout" game based in this region before the game is completed.

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Andrew said...

Perhaps unsurprisingly the video linked in the 2nd article has disappeared from youtube - but it can be found here:

Interesting watch - looks grim over there. Whilst we've always had those at the top & bottom - which is arguably the problem - it's really quite a feat by the elite to mismanage a county/country to the point of oblivion.

Is this really the best we can manage in the 21st century? If 2010 (and beyond) is to be truly awful at least I'll have the small satisfaction in owning our house outright.