Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Amerikwans Know ITZ COMING

A great pictorial history of civil defense in the West over the years can be found here.

Notice how the government initiatives gave way eventually to a kind of self-help by individuals as the central organizing principles of their society fell apart.

The Collapsing Of America

All empires end with this kind of neglect. Disaster of the commons. When a nation becomes a multicult polyglot, everybody who lives there stops caring about it. Standards fall by the wayside and it becomes every man for himself.

Rome, Sumaria, the Incas, Mesopotamia ... they all looked similar before the end. When a flashpoint hit, nobody was prepared for it. Civilizations first give up before they are then put down by natural forces. Positive thinking is the last resort of the terminally ill. Healthy nations establish value through positive action, not positive thinking.

Unhealthy nations end in assisted suicide.

Remember, Vault-Co Predicted This Exact Situation Ten Years Ago With Perfect Accuracy

Climate change -> Record Cold Winters -> World Depression -> Heating Oil Shortages.

This is why we called it the Apocalypse Trifecta.

No money to pay for what is needed most for national survival. Britain is a police state that has outlawed combustion in homes of firewood and their model for their society is that people will always have the income to afford just-in-time delivery of heating oil or the electricity needed to power space heaters. What if some element in this equation fails miserably? ITZ.

Now maybe ten years ago some people would have had trouble understanding what I was talking about. Nowadays you only need to see one more step of consequences to understand why you should pack it.


Yemen Getting Death From The Sky Treatment

Destroying planets to make an example out of them because they may host some rebels is kind of like using a daisycutter bomb to kill a horsefly in a kindergarten.

There's just no better way to say you care than to send a volley of cruise missiles into a country at random targets or have a fleet of drones zip around overhead dropping grenades and machine gunning civilians in "terroristic" areas. America calls this "liberating" countries from fear.

Soma is Almost Ready For The Slaves

The end of all objections and the closure of discontent, the sweet napenthe of worry and care that washes away concern forever. You cannot have a worldwide police state without it.

Globowarmthinkery : Only Triffids Can Save Us

There is a certain element of desperation emanating from this death cult nowadays that bespeaks a certain premonition of their own rapidly impending doom. Not mankinds doom ... just their doom, personally. The most nightmarish fate they can consider is being forced to go and get an actual day job.

Oy Vey, Such A Terrorist Am I, You Schmucks

Old news for Vault-Co browsers, but funny.

I never understood why they got a decoy who looked so Jewish for the agitprop. His voice, too. The guy is practically Woody Allen in a turban.

"Israel is America's only friend in the Middle East." With such friends, who needs enemies? Nobody with any shame or respect for Amerikwa would perpetrate such a grotesque scam on them. It is an expression of contempt and ridicule. Remember this scam was not just some bar mitzvah'ed boys with a cam recorder, but involves a huge train of deception all the way up the media ladder to the moment it was presented on Fox News as authentic. This was created in studio conditions, with professional lighting and editing, makeup artist and teleprompter. Wags the Dog. The delivery mechanism was personal, meaning somebody at Fox News was an integral part of the fraud. Ten minutes research on Adam "Gadahn" would have revealed he was Adam Pearlman.

Internal treason is a million times more dangerous to a nation than an army of invaders could ever be. It is an occupational force that works against a country from the inside and thus can never be defeated by any of the measures one would take against an external threat.

Is it any wonder? Always working towards their own destruction. Nobody works against jewish interests as well as other jews. There's another thing they are good at when they put their minds to it.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Magnetic Reversal In Our Lifetime? That's just plain crazy talk.

The real telling point is the increasingly erratic behaviour. Nowadays magnetic north has seesawed and jerked around more than fifty miles all over the map in less than 3 days. Not 3000 years, mind you. Three days. That indicates severe stress in geological time. The Earth is pursuant to a magnetic reversal and the only way you survive magnetic reversals is deep underground.

It is only very recently that mankind has begun to understand that the "mysterious" northern lights are in fact fracture lines in the magnetic shield that is releasing energy the equivalent of high altitude thermonuclear explosions above their heads. What would happen if these things occurred at lower altitudes ... like for example, during a magnetic reversal when the Earth's magnetic shield wasn't protecting our outer atmosphere?

Magnetic ropes connect our electromagnetic shield to the Sun. What happens there isn't "important." It's critical. Our system only responds to the naked power of our solar cycles over the millennium. We don't initiate anything - where would Earth get the power from to do anything but react? More importantly, what happens if the Sun "cuts us loose" for 12,000 years at a time? Where does our current magnetic bottle get the energy needed to maintain it's former configuration? It will inevitably flip to another state. I think it's the flipping interval that is the worst part ... even worse than the coming of the new Ice Age.

What is really going to happen in 2012? What were the Mayans really echoing in that calendar? I think it was magnetic reversal and somehow the Mayans got that date along with every other thing (by their own admission) from their red haired, blue eyed white "god" who came across the sea in a reed boat. According to the Mayans, "something terrible" happened back at home and Quetzocoatl the feathered serpent "god" had to return.

What I have always wanted to know is ... where was "home" for Quetzocoatl?

The purpose of Thor Heyderdahl's mission on the Kon-Tiki was to demonstrate that this "myth" was in fact no myth at all. With the coming of political correctness, Heyderdahl's message and experiment increasingly became taboo to speak of in the public sphere, with it's emphasis on ancient Indo-Aryan civilization and the suggestion that the cradles of mankind lay much farther in the past than the unsuitable plains of Africa. It fascinated a population in the 1960's when the average IQ was 104 but eventually found no fertile ground for contemplation in the psyches of the crotch-grabbing Big Gulp drinkers who followed in succeeding generations.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Meanwhile Back in the Real World

(For people not in aspartame, fluoride, lithium or junk food induced trances)

This is what is going on in the real world. Many people would be well advised to check in now and then to see what is going on over there.

Since 1999, Vault-Co has been forecasting ahead of time The Apocalypse Trifecta. It's the purpose of this site, the foundation of our predictive capacity. We first formed this idea in 1998 as a result of synthesizing every single source of information we had access to inside our feverish, loopy Asperger's brain tissue. As it turns out, that's an awful lot of input that crystallized into something resembling precognition over ten years ago.

1. Unprecedented earth changes characteristic of the end to the 11,500 year interglacial. We didn't know about magnetic reversals originally when we wrote this for the first time in 1999.

2. The mother of all economic collapses in the U.S. economy, its fall from grace as the superpower of the world, including all the resultant geopolitical instability that accompanies such historical shifts, including World War III and worse.

3. A new Dark Ages and the complete and utter fall of civilization as we know it.

Mind you, this is the rose-colored glasses optimistic projection.

Final Phase 2010

Fox shilling for the introduction of lithium (a drug used to sedate mental patients) into the public water system. Pay attention to the end of the segment. One way that mental institutions keep their patients under control nowadays is to pump them full of lithium and put them in front of a video game console. It is very effective at keeping them occupied. It used to be finger painting or board games but the modern combination of psychotropic drugs with computer games is ideal. The console is already in most homes. All that is missing is the dope in the water.

The Federal Government has given itself ultimate control over the water supply and will retain all information on drugs present (added) to water supplies.

All drinking water now be under control of the executive branch. In the fine print, all additives to water will remain a state secret. They campaigned against water as a "human right" at the U.N. for this reason, the first country to do so in the history of the United Nations.

Non-persons to be disappeared as enemy combatants without rights.

They know what is coming this year and they know it poses a far greater threat than a fake CIA front calling itself the Arab word for toilet.

Drink your lithium water and watch your televitz, slave. You'll feel better as soon as that glass of tap water kicks in. Forget what you were going to say? That's no surprise. Lithium fries the brain's ability to encode information and use it for reasoning. A human being on lithium is no longer human, any more than a cow chewing it's cud inside a barn. The genetic purpose of thinking is to generate vigilance, anticipation and problem solving. The engine of reasoning is fear, the motivation to think hard about anything. A human being who loses these abilities after ingesting lithium has been chemically lobotomized.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Tony Blair Insists He Is Only Hated And Despised By People Who Actually Know Him

He claims he gets a much better reception from complete strangers who have not been introduced previously. As long as they are in other countries, preferably in the third world where they don't have televisions and radios. It also helps if they are starving and he is carrying a bag of Snickers bars.

Moonbat Lunacy

It is getting to the point where I cannot be bothered to listen to anybody in the mass media about anything. It's all the opposite of information. It is all so idiotic it boggles the mind. The worst part is when moonbats try to pretend they understand scienmajific things.

Controlled Media

If this is true, it is absolute corruption of the American nation. It represents a final stage of degeneracy and decadence like that of Imperial Rome or Stalinist Russia. The Founding Fathers would have advocated hanging everybody involved and possibly anybody they had colluded with. All of this is so unconstitutional it represents an end to the rule of law and freedom of speech.

Who controls the media and why?

Who would lose the most from an honest, unfettered, uncontrolled media? Why?

See why itz is inevitable? Trust me on this. Itz will happen and is happening right now. When corruption and treason approach this magnitude there is only one way for it to end. The 'Kwans can't do anything now but die.

Vault-OS Saved My Life Today. No. Seriously.

I have been so busy the past couple of months I have not been down in Firehold Bravo since first week of February 2009 and then only to install a new entryway ladder into the primary living drum.

I went down today to clean up - I noticed a week ago after opening the hatch it was rife with spiders. Only eight months of neglect and it had turned into kingdom of the arachnids in the primary and secondary access tunnel. We're talking horror movie cobwebs here. The granddaddy longlegs had moved in to capture the ants who have been marching on the dehumidifier lines to get water.

Vault-OS "Sentry" (the DOS based version) had not been run in eight months. After cleaning out the webs sufficiently to gain access to the perpendicular tunnels, I hit the power from the primary hatch control breaker to start the air conditioning system up before I went inside, so it would have fresh air when I got there.

I flipped it on, waited five minutes and then began to crawl down the horizontal access. There was a weird smell in the air. I heard what sounded like an odd buzzing insect talking. I was halfway in when I realized the Dr. Subatzo speech synth that runs on an interrupt in DOS for Sound Blaster was repeating "Air Quality Has Been Compromised. Check for fire or gas." over and over again. Which was odd, because I had programmed it to say it once, then wait for one minute before announcing it again. It was also supposed to sound the siren and flash the warning lights, which it wasn't doing. Great, I thought. I just installed that air quality sensor from Futurlec last year and had spent lots of time calibrating it by first reading the factory setting off it's internal EPROM first. This was a lot of trouble and took me ages. It had barely even been used and had failed already. At least that's the first idea that occurred to me.

Here's the chain of events that happened in order. I know it's hard to believe. I can hardly believe it myself. I assure you this is a true story.

1. The brand new 12 volt auto fan I installed in November of 2008 that turns on when the primary hatch is open (reed switch) to ventilate the shelter by expelling the stale air inside failed. I don't know what caused the failure. I suspect it had something to do with mold or lint in the motor. The motor had locked into this stuttering squeal.

2. The 12 volt motor had jammed and in stuttering it was sending a reverse alternating current that was probably well over 12 volts back over the line it shared in parallel with the led strip lights.

3. The led strip lighting is supposed to have reverse current protection, because the led bars can obviously only work on the correct polarity of current. Whatever the motor was sending out on the common line had fried the tiny cheap circuit in the led strip closest to the distributor box.

4. Now here is the worst part. This led bar, instead of just burning out like you would expect, was glowing an eerie orange color at one end and was heating up the from inside, cooking the plastic sleeve until it was practically molten. This off-gassing from the electrical fault hit me so hard when I dropped into the shelter I almost puked. It was toxic stuff. I'm not sure I could have crawled back out with that stuff pouring into the air behind me, it was real ugly vapor coming off it.

5. Luckily I had two things sitting in the comms station, by purest chance - a mouth/nose respirator hanging there and a backup fan still in the plastic.

I shut off the toggle switch that powered the lights (backup blue lights came on automatically), donned the respirator and quickly pulled the backup fan out and plugged it in. My eyes were stinging and I kept the respirator on while the fan exhausted these ugly fumes over the next ten minutes. Finally, it was okay to breathe again in there.

Dr. Subatzo's mech voice said "Air quality stabilized. Check intake to make certain it is safe."

Vault-OS was working perfectly. It's just that this stupid 12 volt motor had fried it's power supply with a similar AC current that ruined the LED strip lighting. This was causing it to soft reboot again and again, producing the same warning as soon as it was loaded. This cheap 12 volt motor had also blown the fuse on the box that housed the relay that switched the siren and warning lights.

I find this all incredible. I don't blame you if you don't believe this story. I could never have foreseen any of this happening in a million years. It just goes to show you that you can never be too paranoid about anything in a system like this. One malfunctioning 12 volt fan almost ended up killing me. It's possible I could have asphyxiated down there and my wife would not have known for hours.

This has given me a great deal of useful information about how to properly design a system like this. It makes me realize I need reverse current protection on any device that can be damaged or shorted this way. I also discovered that my strategy of putting almost everything on a parallel delivery cable was a good idea in a crisis - even though the first light on the rails above had shorted, the other six light bars were still on. If I'd suddenly found myself plunged into darkness amidst choking fumes, I could have had some serious problems. I might not have been able to find the respirator in the darkness down there.

Honestly, I am humbled by this experience and I plan to make good use of it in my rewrite of Vault-OS. It has helped me to understand how important it is to maintain solid state logs so that Vault-OS can discover it's context ... for example, being soft rebooted every ten seconds. It should be able to look in the log and see this to also notify the user of this fault in the system as well.

You can also understand how complex a sealed environment can be in terms of managing air quality. It's serious business. If you think it's enough to flip the fan switch on and off manually when you need clean air and trust your nose to warn you of smoke or gas, it isn't. You need other kinds of sentries, particularly digital ones, watching your back at all times to cover your human foibles and shortcomings. This experience is a perfect example why.

P.S. I have absolutely decided that my fifth iteration of lighting in the primary drums, the led bars, will have to be completely replaced. There is nothing on the original packaging mentioning that this $18.95 auto light turns into a deadly cyanide gas generator when a reverse current is applied. I think all of them will have to come down and be replaced solely by bayonet LED bulbs. This incident scared the hell out of me.

P.P.S. A master brain that wrapped Vault-OS from the outside like ThinkBoy would have figured out what was happening with proper sensors. I have not built this system yet, at least not the version I want. It does tell me that ThinkBoy will definitely require power management sensors to know what is happening at different junctures in the shelter. A heat sensor in the distributor boxes would give useful information as well. It would be able to determine that this was an electrical fault and would know it was not a coincidence that an air quality sensor was registering a change at the same time. This is what Thinkboy is intended to do when it is working.

P.P.P.S. Also, don't buy those 12 volt fans intended for automobile interiors. I think computer fans will be designed for much longer service with a lower failure rate.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Is There A Reason North America Was Inhabited Sporadically?

I think so. The truth is that it was not a very stable place to live and this is why it seemed to suffer from intermittent extinction events that replaced the entire native population at regular intervals. Until Europe "discovered" it again (possibly one of thousands of times it has been "discovered" before) it was always home to wandering nomadic indians who were never able to develop any technology. Perhaps the reason is that Yellowstone, like many super-volcanos, blows at regular intervals in megacatastrophic events that make nuclear war seem like a girl scout picnic.

ITZ Here

2010 is the year that TSHTF.

Vault-Co was right, ten years ago. The end of the interglacial is going to have people fighting in the streets over food as the first stage of the collapse.

Read the article above and see what the farmers themselves are saying.

There can be no harvest if there is no growing cycle. Changes in the weather are ruining crop yields that used to be taken for granted, like sunlight and taxes.

Gerald Celente on the coming year

Las Vegas may actually look like the upcoming "Fallout" game based in this region before the game is completed.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Why Robert Felix Should Get A Nobel Prize

If you postulate a fairly comprehensive theory that is a synthesis of several ideas from other thinkers and then publish it for anybody to read, you have submitted an idea to science. It doesn't matter where it is published or how. It could be a trade journal, a xeroxed tract or a self-published pulp book. About half of the greatest scientific ideas of all time were simply thrown out there by people for popular scrutiny.

If it is widely understood that this new theory turns out to be a kind of Ockham's Razor that can be used to answer a huge host of problems in paleoclimatology, geology and paleontology which formerly nobody had ever successfully provided cohesive solutions to, then it is a challenge to the orthodoxy. Each year, thousands upon thousands of such ideas are created by lone eccentrics and never receive much attention because frankly, they are crap. They don't stand up to even a cursory reading.

If we then see, quite mysteriously, an entire decade of new discoveries which validates only this theory and otherwise is unexplained satisfactorily by most existing science, discoveries of phenomenon which previously were not even known to science ... then you may have a paradigm shift in progress and a revolutionary new scientific idea which has advanced mankind's understanding of this planet.

My general impression is that the Nobel prize no longer goes to the deserving in any category. For this reason, if I were Robert Felix I wouldn't feel too bad about not being nominated for one yet. I do not think it has anything to do with merit or achievement any longer.

Nevertheless, Robert Felix is owed a Nobel Prize.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Real "Climate Deniers"

Gramsci wrote that once the population was sufficiently dumbed down, they would believe anything the opinion controllers decided to tell them. The foundation for a fake crisis is laid by first producing a society of unbelievable morons. After that, all things are possible. You could even make up a story about farting cows and decomposing baby nappies threatening the Earth with carbonic molecules. How would modern people know you were lying right to their face? They could only accept the "consensus," being virtually incapable of reasoning or learning. Animals in a barn, steered like a herd of cattle into any conclusion you wanted them to draw.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

William Gray : ClimateGate Is The Tip of the Iceberg

Tell me something I don't know.

This Has All Happened Before

Robert Felix was right. Magnetic conveyor belts drag coastal cities into the sea and then into a trench just like pulling a carpet across the floor. This is why every successive generation rarely discovers the evidence of the previous one that has existed.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Interesting Development In Pacific Nuclear Strategy

Don't know where this could go. Could be fantastic if Australia has to grow up and handle it's own defense. It could become a real nation, maybe even figure out what flag they want to use. Who knows, even a civil defense program.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Robert Felix Was Right About Magnetic Reversals Causing Explosions In The Atmosphere

He was right about almost everything else as well, according to the hard science of the past thirty years. Felix figured it out. This has been a reliable constant of science for the past 1000 years - all the major advances have been made by laymen working outside their original professions.

UPDATE : Magnetic storms are more powerful than was ever previously imagined

Vault-Co Says : Itz Coming Soon

2010 it is going to blow to smithereens in the 'Kwa. The Russian analyst was right. Gerald Celente was right. Thomas Chittum was right.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Real Agenda : Genocide

In this article the MSM just throws off the facade and goes straight to the point : reducing the human population to a size they can manage under a draconian world government. Was it ever really about anything else?

I like how at the beginning she concedes that Copenhagen is all a bullsh*t masquerade about another subject altogether : world governance.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Plan B : Fake Alien Attack?

If globalwarmthinkery fails, what's next in line to generate mass hysteria to be used to force world government? A fake alien attack from outer space? As Vault-Co has mentioned before, it's a possibility.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Globalist Economics (Intl. Marxism) = Fail

It's not "capitalism" that has the "problem." It is Marxist economics that don't work.

Self-sufficient decentralized economies easily weather shocks and scandals, just like a flock of birds can recover from a wind shear. It is big centralized operations like a 747 passenger plane that put all their eggs in one basket.

When the average IQ in America was 104, the economy was "indomitable." Now that it is 96 and largely functional illiterates, the "magic" simply don't work no more. The 'Kwa got no mojo and never will again. Tell me again about how diversity will make us stronger. Sure it will. Bundle up against the cold in those tent camps.

National Fail Map : Dynamic multimedia shows the slow motion train wreck hitting the United States. Recovery, this ain't. Once again, Vault-Co = right, most everybody else = not even close.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Kevin Rudd Rubbernecks His Way Out Of Debate

Kevin's response is that he'll only debate people who agree with him. Any challenges to the notion itself are not permitted because this might frighten NWO towelboy Kevin to have to defend his position. Kevin breaks out in hives when called upon to demonstrate leadership qualities.

Vault-Co prediction : A new prime minister will be escorting Rudd off grounds soon.

Friday, December 4, 2009

At The Peak Of A Peak Of A Peak Of A Peak

What's on the other side of a peak? Can you guess?

It's all natural. Happens like clockwork. All this gibberish you hear on the televitzing device and various Earth Changes numbskulls opinions are at best, mere shadows of the real truth, the deluded rantings of monkeys in manpants.

The real truth is not Planet Nibiru or pole shift or alien invasion or any of that rubbish. Trust human beings to always get it completely bass-ackwards.

It's the end of the interglacial at a peak of ending interglacials, pursuant to a magnetic reversal. Sorry the truth isn't as glamorous or as exciting as a Hollywood movie, but there you have it.

Asian Carp Are Coming Here For A Better Life

... and that's exactly what they are getting. Unfortunately, at the expense of every other native species that lives in the waterways.

Empire Of The Sodomites

God's wrath coming on fast now. Look at history. Every prior civilization we know of was destroyed upon reaching this stage. Won't be long.

What Obama Did to Charlie Brown Should Be Punishable By Hanging

Unconscionable bastard, Barack Obama. What a rotten egg.

There's some things you don't do in this town, boy. Bumping Charlie Brown for your dumb speech was the last straw. There are some things in America that are sacred that you wouldn't know about being born and raised in Kenya. No Christian would interrupt Linus explaining why we celebrate Christmas. Only a muslim foreigner from a dog's breakfast like Kenya would have the raw nerve to do that.

You're not just a rude and unwelcome guest in the house, you're lacking in the basic social graces needed to fit into America culture and society. Whoever let you and that tramp your mother into the country should be fired and then you and she should be deported, even if we have to dig her up.

The Dog That Didn't Bark For Two Weeks

Still think the networks are simply "biased?" You know, that cliched thing that sheeple brains think. I know what their paradigm is. It couldn't be more wrong. "The news is about reporting the news except they may have a bias." I know what is inside the ordinary human brain. All wrong and wrong again. That's not the way the media works at all. They fooled most of you.

The media is there to broadcast the opposite of the truth at all times. If the mass media tells you something, you know it's a lie. There is no news on the news.

The dog doesn't bark because it knows the crooks involved. Sherlock Holmes cracked the case for us once again.

Pandemic Strategy 2010

My thoughts exactly.

If the mainstream media is trying to gain people's trust by feeding them a little truth, be afraid. The worst part of the pandemic has not begun. All of this stuff is probably prologue to phase III where it gets serious.

It is odd they made such a big deal about it and now it is odd that they are pretending to admit they made a big deal about nothing. There must be something very bad in the works that is part of this plan.

If globalwarmthinkery collapses, watch for these sodomites to escalate their backup plan with this pandemic very rapidly.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Global Oligarchs Intend To Build Their New Order With The Skulls of 7/10 of the World's Population

There is no "rollback" for what ails the West. It is not going to get better until after it has gotten much, much worse.

Anyone who understands human history knows how badly all this is going to turn out.

Just Another Thievin' Communist

People with IQs below 90-95, as a rule, do not really comprehend the notion of private property. It doesn't matter what color they are. Somebody with no more brains than that will never understand the foundations of a civilization and how peace, prosperity and order is maintained. You can train them to nod their heads but that doesn't mean that they will ever really "get it."

There are some critical ideas that these kinds of human beings will never fully grasp. It doesn't matter what school you send them to or what you teach them. They don't really ever learn anything.

The true acid test would be to take people like this, give them their own country and see if they can run it. Incidentally, all of the people from the countries where this experiment has been conducted desperately want to get out of their own nations and into a country worth a damn. The world is a museum of socialist failures.

So what to do with them? They won't leave you alone, don't respect what you own and are always clamoring to steal everything you have, anything you have. You don't care about them but they cannot forget about you. They will always be trying to impose something on others, rob others, dominate others. Always with a longwinded explanation of why this is necessary. They're all Robin Hoods, you see. Which makes them the good guys, in their own diseased minds. You can see why some people in history solve this dilemma by teleporting a bullet from inside a barrel of a gun into the middle of their heads. Maybe that's the only solution they could think of. These kinds of guys never go away. They're like sticky taffy on the bottom of your shoe you cannot shake off. You don't get peace until they are room temperature. It's terrible but true.

"Green Fakers"

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Look At The Little Pigs Run

It's falling apart, hour by hour.

Aussies smash the lie in front of the whole world.

Sometimes, the good guys have to get a small win. This is it, so enjoy it while it lasts. They're definitely scrambling like roaches. Soon it will get really vicious and these rats will begin to offer to testify against one another in order to escape justice.

You gotta love it. They are flying into a mad rage at having a strong light shown on this ugly scam called "Global Warming." No scientist is afraid of this kind of transparency, but the people involved in globowarmthinkery were never scientists. They were professional actors.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

One Week Later : Where Is The Press On The Biggest Scientific Scandal Of The 21st Century?

Without the fake conservatives on Fox, we'd have no news at all, even if it is the original spin zone.

Still think the world is the way you thought it was? Or is it in fact the way Vault-Co said it was?

You have to understand how stupid the average human being is to appreciate it is not so much a "conspiracy," as it is just humans acting natural. They tend to cluster mindlessly under various ideologies and then defend them vigorously like herding animals stomping on their perceived territory. No thinking really involved in any of this anywhere.

Someone else thinks this stuff up for them, since they are incapable of reasoning. They simply inherit these ideas and adopt them as their own. Like animals. Beasts of burden.

Phil Jones and Malcolm Turnbull escape with their lives - so far

People have been hung for treason for doing far less.