Sunday, December 6, 2009

Globalist Economics (Intl. Marxism) = Fail

It's not "capitalism" that has the "problem." It is Marxist economics that don't work.

Self-sufficient decentralized economies easily weather shocks and scandals, just like a flock of birds can recover from a wind shear. It is big centralized operations like a 747 passenger plane that put all their eggs in one basket.

When the average IQ in America was 104, the economy was "indomitable." Now that it is 96 and largely functional illiterates, the "magic" simply don't work no more. The 'Kwa got no mojo and never will again. Tell me again about how diversity will make us stronger. Sure it will. Bundle up against the cold in those tent camps.

National Fail Map : Dynamic multimedia shows the slow motion train wreck hitting the United States. Recovery, this ain't. Once again, Vault-Co = right, most everybody else = not even close.


j said...

Speaking of the wonders of a low-IQ society, did you see this? Apparently, they're now blaming the leaked Climategate emails on... the Russian KGB.

At this point, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they released a video from Osama claiming responsibility for the whole thing.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be one bit surprised if it were the Russian secret service behind the leaks. This whole thing goes far beyond "science". The media silence combined with some extremely biased references (the only references) to the climategate in the media make that rather clear. The Russians wouldn't be happy if Northern America, Europe, and Australia united under one hostile government. It would be good for Russia if the West remained divided.

Anonymous said...

If the SinoSov block, along with its' proxies - which already sit astride the worlds energy reserves or its transportation pathways - want to see the suicidal West further torn apart .... what better way than to blow the cover off this bullshit. Initiate civic discord. Riots. Food and energy scarcity. Criminalize the preparation and consumption of a cheeseburger.

Develop our own energy reserves ?

The "watermelons" can't have that ! Watermelon = green on the outside ...

Why, you'd almost think they work for someone else other than America.

Russia and China are not suicidal.

Znayu ?

Comrade OhioDude

Anonymous said...

Might want to check this out.

Anonymous said...

There's several videos of the above light spiral here:

I can't even begin to imagine what it is - a fake? weapons test? aliens? divine intervention? once in a lifetime eclipse type event?

No doubt it'll get hijacked in order to further the cause of something - most likely global warming.