Friday, December 25, 2009

Final Phase 2010

Fox shilling for the introduction of lithium (a drug used to sedate mental patients) into the public water system. Pay attention to the end of the segment. One way that mental institutions keep their patients under control nowadays is to pump them full of lithium and put them in front of a video game console. It is very effective at keeping them occupied. It used to be finger painting or board games but the modern combination of psychotropic drugs with computer games is ideal. The console is already in most homes. All that is missing is the dope in the water.

The Federal Government has given itself ultimate control over the water supply and will retain all information on drugs present (added) to water supplies.

All drinking water now be under control of the executive branch. In the fine print, all additives to water will remain a state secret. They campaigned against water as a "human right" at the U.N. for this reason, the first country to do so in the history of the United Nations.

Non-persons to be disappeared as enemy combatants without rights.

They know what is coming this year and they know it poses a far greater threat than a fake CIA front calling itself the Arab word for toilet.

Drink your lithium water and watch your televitz, slave. You'll feel better as soon as that glass of tap water kicks in. Forget what you were going to say? That's no surprise. Lithium fries the brain's ability to encode information and use it for reasoning. A human being on lithium is no longer human, any more than a cow chewing it's cud inside a barn. The genetic purpose of thinking is to generate vigilance, anticipation and problem solving. The engine of reasoning is fear, the motivation to think hard about anything. A human being who loses these abilities after ingesting lithium has been chemically lobotomized.


Anonymous said...

How could any sane person even debate the possability of mind medication via the water supply in a supposedly free country?

Anonymous said...

So....PSD..can be cured by "Tetris"

because it "keeps something bad from being encoded in the brain"...

So, if I get shot once, playing Tetris 5000000 times will not encode my brain, or make me wish I was shot twice?

I would love to read the paperwork of every study this news hag quoted as scripture.

Good Lord...

and did you pick up on what she said about lithium dosing?

"Not the bad effects..."


Gosh, if the .GOV put cocaine in the water, we could get all of the good effects, without the bad...