Friday, December 4, 2009

The Dog That Didn't Bark For Two Weeks

Still think the networks are simply "biased?" You know, that cliched thing that sheeple brains think. I know what their paradigm is. It couldn't be more wrong. "The news is about reporting the news except they may have a bias." I know what is inside the ordinary human brain. All wrong and wrong again. That's not the way the media works at all. They fooled most of you.

The media is there to broadcast the opposite of the truth at all times. If the mass media tells you something, you know it's a lie. There is no news on the news.

The dog doesn't bark because it knows the crooks involved. Sherlock Holmes cracked the case for us once again.

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Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, the CBC (Canada's publicly owned broadcast networks) have this to say about climategate:

The commentator here is simply calling for objective science to win the day, with complete neutrality and letting the cards fall where they may.

Of course, a true, objective and factually-based study of global warming would destroy the global warming scam. The commentator here knows that, and instead of going completely against AGW, he throws a few bones to it in order to appease his pro-global warming bosses.