Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Collapsing Of America

All empires end with this kind of neglect. Disaster of the commons. When a nation becomes a multicult polyglot, everybody who lives there stops caring about it. Standards fall by the wayside and it becomes every man for himself.

Rome, Sumaria, the Incas, Mesopotamia ... they all looked similar before the end. When a flashpoint hit, nobody was prepared for it. Civilizations first give up before they are then put down by natural forces. Positive thinking is the last resort of the terminally ill. Healthy nations establish value through positive action, not positive thinking.

Unhealthy nations end in assisted suicide.


Anonymous said...

With regards to your second link. I'm finishing my degree at an Engineering focused University in the UK. About half the students are from non-European nations.

They take the same degree program usually in English, but are not mixed with the British students. Why, is pretty obvious, having spoken to a load of them, their courses are significantly easier. They don't cover half the material and it's pretty much impossible for them to fail since they are a cash cow for the University.

Having said that my CS degree is a joke, most of them couldn't code to save their lives.

Standards? Britain gave them up long ago.

Texas Arcane said...

I noticed in college the same phenomenon, even for women who were natives. They were held to different standards.

When a flashpoint came in college for me (psychology teacher insisting that I conceded that men and women were identical except for socially imposed roles) I left. I suspect most of the intellectual cream of the crop do the same thing nowadays.

It's hard to maintain a civilization constructed by european white geniuses when your generation of european white geniuses quietly withdraws their cooporation and contribution. I believe this same cycle has occurred in most civilizations.

Pathocrats occupy the institutions and the real people abdicate to tend their own private gardens.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou for your reply Tex. I'm only taking the degree to allow me to emigrate to Australia this Summer. Not that Australia is any better of course but I have been worried for several years about the state of things and I agree with yours and Robert Felix's assertions.