Friday, December 4, 2009

At The Peak Of A Peak Of A Peak Of A Peak

What's on the other side of a peak? Can you guess?

It's all natural. Happens like clockwork. All this gibberish you hear on the televitzing device and various Earth Changes numbskulls opinions are at best, mere shadows of the real truth, the deluded rantings of monkeys in manpants.

The real truth is not Planet Nibiru or pole shift or alien invasion or any of that rubbish. Trust human beings to always get it completely bass-ackwards.

It's the end of the interglacial at a peak of ending interglacials, pursuant to a magnetic reversal. Sorry the truth isn't as glamorous or as exciting as a Hollywood movie, but there you have it.


Andrew said...

I take it your battle bunker has central heating?

Jokes aside there's a delicious irony in convincing the population of global warming on the brink of an ice age - it surely wouldn't be out of place in any decent retrospective black comedy.

Maybe you'll get the honour of writing it Cleve - sadly the circulation might be rather low.

Anonymous said...

As sudden as the recent drops in temperature have been, such as the 0.5 degree Farenheit fall between 2007 and 2008, it is still pretty hard to fathom the idea that the freeze will be instantaneous.

To think it could actually be something like waking up one day, and finding the sun turned off.

To be honest, I find the prospect of that very deeply disturbing. It would be freezing before we'd even begin to get into our cars and start rushing for supplies to last us through the endless winter that will go on for the rest of our short lives.

Anonymous said...