Thursday, November 5, 2009

You Will Not Suffer Poisoners To Live

The Old Testament says that anybody who murders by stealth through poison (the King James Bible translates this as "witchcraft") must be put to death for the crime.

What would the Old Testament tell us we should do with people who have poisoned seven billion human beings through stealth?

I see people slugging back Coke Zero everyday like it was crack. I know only too well how addictive that garbage disguised as soda pop is. Rat poison is quicker and better than aspartame and has fewer side effects. I stopped saying anything to coworkers many years back. They never listen anyway. I figure a couple cans a day for six months and you turn into a person who can never really hear anything after that as long as you're on it. It wouldn't matter what anybody told you about it or what information you got about it. It turns your brain into a robot that wants to drink more diet coke. Period.

Apparently flouride with aspartame and aluminium is a deadly triumvirate that will turn the average human being into a slack jawed zombie with a hydrocephalic brain in about three months. That explains an awful lot for me.

I went cold turkey ten years ago and I feel I am still trying to detoxify from that horrible, lethal stuff. I strongly suspect it is one of the primary causes of my insomnia. I never suffered from it like this until I began to drink it fifteen years ago. It might take me who knows how long to ever recover from this deadly neurotoxin.

The damage is done for this generation. It's going to be one fool in a million who just stops drinking it the way I did through a sheer act of will. There is evidence it actually damages DNA permanently in some cases and the corrupted genes are passed on even into the children. What aspartame has done to the world cannot be underestimated. It has already killed possibly millions of people.

Of one thing I am certain.

Putting it into food was no accident on the part of those who were behind it.

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Alex Supertramp said...

Interesting. A few years ago I suffered badly from chronic fatigue syndrome and could get no relief or treatment. My GP finally said to try getting off aspartame for w hile. I stopped drinking diet coke and within two weeks the CFS was gone and never came back. Then I started getting numbness in my tongue, foul taste in my mouth and constant mouth ulcers. The same GP did a mercury urine assay and the conclusion was that my mercury fillings were poisoning my. Got them replaced and the problems disappeared. My generation are obviously guinea pigs.