Monday, November 23, 2009

What Do They Do With All That Black-Ops Money They Filch Out Of The Budget Each Year?

All kinds of stuff.

Weird stuff. Disturbing stuff.

Nobody is sure what a lot of this stuff is for. What it all has in common is that it is deep underground.

Trillions of dollars a year in any given year. With the bailout this year, the elites have also been given an opportunity to milk colossal sums out of that morass of payments with nobody to oversee them. Bernanke transferred a trillion dollars to New Zealand on his signature and honestly felt the U.S. Congress had no power to even question him about it.

When he gave this testimony, they had traced a half a trillion. Since then, some estimates are that Bernanke has vanished at least eight trillion dollars into "thin air."

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Anonymous said...

And that isn't even counting the money they make from drug trafficking...