Sunday, November 15, 2009

What Caused The Blackout In Brazil?

Nobody knows. The government has already said the subject is closed, after admitting they don't know. That's a shame, because the same kind of brains that built the electrical sytem are required to maintain it, as well. That means natural curiosity and an active interest in what causes faults.

This is why Vault-Co thinks we're on the brink of a new Dark Ages. When people are asking, "Why ask why?" it's probably because they are incapable of answering those kinds of questions anymore. Feeble minds + complex infrastructure = failure.

Vault-Co regulars are probably willing to try a hypothesis, I could think of a couple. Holes in the magnetic shield will knock out juice faster than you can ask somebody to light a candle. Brazil better hope this isn't the start of a trend because most of the people there are not capable of keeping this stuff running once it starts to burn out on a regular basis.

UPDATE : You won't believe this - submitted by a reader

When I suggested this last year about the Quantas flight, it was tongue-in-cheek speculation and I only got the idea from reading Sorcha Faal. As it turns out, now air safety wardens are seriously considering the possibility.

I figured we'd see all kinds of strange anecdotal news stories as a result of random fracturing of our magnetic shield - "Sheepherder in Brazil claims Mystery Rays from Outer Space Burned Off His Testicles," that kind of thing, National Enquirer tabloid style stories with kernels of truth in them. Maybe a real farmhand on a high plateau in Argentina developing weird radiation sickness while out on his land for a few days. Somebody who looked at the broader picture would then start to see these stories were all really about the same thing. I still believe this. I advise you to check the "hotsheets," to quote Tommy Lee Jones in MEN IN BLACK.


Anonymous said...

I must thank you Texas Arcane, you are my #1 source of information.. I still wander around looking for the answers, but it seems you are quicker than I; to filter out the garbage .. I always enjoy your posts, I must be your biggest fan... :]

Anonymous said...

I agree.

I believe that there is a reason behind why the U.S. has been de-industrialized, and turned into a service oriented economy. The U.S. was, for many years, heralded as the bread basket of world innovation. One could visit almost any farm and find someone among the household who could machine, fabricate, weld, fit, or repair any piece of modern machinery, better, faster, and more efficiently than most modern engineering Master graduates. Those days are gone, and sadly, unless you have government licensing, you aren’t allowed to apply that knowledge even in your own home.

A brave man once stole the fire from the gods, and used it to enlighten mankind. Our “enlightened” leaders have decided to first tax the fire, then regulate it, and now, for our own safety, choose to extinguish it.


Anonymous said...

Tex,I remember when you wrote that too back about 2004 or 2005. Brazil got the lights on,yes,but if they dont know why they turned off then they are livin on borrowed time!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you already saw this but:

Anonymous said... - As you have said before, everyone's vault-co now.

Anonymous said...

Tex gets it right again.....

Anonymous said...

For countries like the USA, all you have to do is look at is their changing demographics.

In the 1960s they were 90% white and were on their way to the Moon and Solar system.

Now they are down to 60% white, have lost almost all of their manufacturing, are being invaded by Mexico and are fast becoming a third world economy.

Anonymous said...

Tex is always fifty percent right. Which is fifty percent more than most everybody else.

Anonymous said... - Not even Orwell could make this up.