Thursday, November 5, 2009

This Was The Last Straw For John Stossel

Note that Stossel, a good and righteous Jew who has done more to hold back the darkness in America than almost any other human being in recent history, got canned immediately after this broadcast. The liberal scumbags who run the mass media had only been putting him on because of his consistently incredible ratings.

Christ says we will know God's children because of their fruits, that they are salt and light against the advancement of wickedness and any such people are divinely inspired if they fight against the lies and deceptions of the accursed angel and his hordes. It appears Stossel is being picked up by Fox, which goes to show you they know how to pull in the viewers and always have.

Check out this other special by Stossel on what are unquestionably some of the dumbest humans to ever exist on this planet.

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Anonymous said...

One of the few TV reporters who did not cause me to want to vomit. He always seemed like a decent person.