Thursday, November 12, 2009

Methinks Thou Protest Too Much

Remember, if the sheeple begin to stampede, it could affect revenue collection and taxes may dry up.

That money is urgently needed to fund the ongoing and urgent construction of shelter for the elites, which continues at a manic, feverish pace worldwide.

More disinfo driven by the mass media

Shhhh. Relax. Watch your porn, pay your tax revenues and observe your spectator sports. Everything is okay. Sleep. Sleep.

Somebody decided they needed to cap this growing awareness. There are already widespread attempts to spread a plethora of gibberish theories about this date, including Planet Nibiru, Anal Probing Alien Grays, A "Pole Shift" (Einstein, that charlatan) and all kinds of crazy metaphysical nonsense. I think the Hollywood movie coming out tomorrow is part of this disinformation campaign.

Let me be clear. This is what Vault-Co thinks is about to happen.

There are going to be unheralded solar storms of enormous magnitude in the years to come, possibly culminating in the reversal of Earth's magnetic field and a temporary cessation of our cosmic shield against radiation. We've never thought otherwise on this subject. That's the bad news. The good news is we're bound to enjoy many far less threatening situations as side effects, including nuclear war, worldwide famine, worldwide pandemics and unforeseen tectonics and volcanism. The tsunami in the Pacific was only the beginning.

We also suggest that the governments of the world have suspected this approaching event since the early 1950's and as of the early 90's began to prepare to survive it.

We're just private citizens who have become aware, part of the great mass of humanity who are not intended to survive aboveground. We're sheep that woke up in the middle of the barnyard in 1998 and began to wonder what in the hell was going on.

The Dresden Codex, little known primary Mayan document of the Apocalypse

Note this article translates it as "black sky" and "black earth" when it should be "burning sky" and "burning earth" which is far more accurate according to Mayan elders. The spin is in.

Is this science fiction that Tex is talking about? It's the reason I started on my shelter in 2001. How can it be science fiction when we know beyond a fraction of a doubt something similar has happened at regular intervals every 12,500 years? At the Gothenburg magnetic reversal and many other reversals?

The Earth's magnetic field is weakening right now and look at what is happening.

How could an exquisite fantasy cooked up in the deranged mind of Tex have predicted in advance, before it happened, that something was going to happen to the Sun that would result in dramatic cooling?

Do the elaborate delusions of schizophrenics predict Dalton minimums almost 8 years before mainstream scientists concur?

No, they don't. I think mayhaps Tex is more than a mere petty ranteur. That's the reason, in fact, I created this blog ten years ago.

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