Thursday, November 12, 2009

Man is Not A Learning Animal

No, he isn't.

A pig will go back to his vomit.

Do you know what happens when people get this stupid? They get robbed, sodomized, enslaved and left for dead.

Lots of bad stuff just seems to happen to dumb people. Somewhere, there is always a super-predator waiting in the wings to pounce when people drop their guard. Nations don't last long at all with a stupid population.

When they are finished with you and have leeched off everything of value you could possibly have, then they will simply kill you off as annoying farm stock that has outlived it's usefulness. Of course, barnyard animals cannot be allowed to possess weapons or it might be difficult when they are shipped to the slaughterhouse. Because these are manlike critters, the most merciful solutions will be used to snuff them as quietly as possible. Nobody wants your screams disrupting their pool party next door and putting a downer on their vibe. Quietly, quietly, put out their lights, sir.

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Anonymous said...

Current caselaw says that international treaty provisions cannot override or supersede the constitution. Not to mention, such a treaty could never get a two-thirds vote in the Senate.