Thursday, November 5, 2009

Man is Not A Learning Animal

People are stupid. The average person, after they reach the age of 5 or thereabouts, will never again really be capable of learning anything, ever. They will live and die without ever applying their own observations to the ideas they have received or embraced when they were younger and adapt their opinions to reflect what they have acquired.

Men don't learn. Only genetic freaks, mutants and weirdos like me have the potential to ever acquire new ideas, modify their own minds and absorb new perspectives. This is why the leftist, who is the very epitome of closemindedness, is the most ridiculous fool of them all, always claiming to be "progressive." People like this cannot ever progress anywhere. For them, the Dark Ages are forever, it is a cage they can never escape. They may change flavors but these pigs will always go back and wallow in their own filth of one kind or another. Marxism, for example.

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